Boston Marathon Updates: 3 Dead 144 Injured

Before 9/11 people would use words as “unthinkable” to describe acts of terrorism and mass shootings. But unfortunately in today’s society, the “unthinkable” have become common occurrences. Three people are dead and more than 140 injured after two bombs went off in succession near the Boston Marathon finish line Monday afternoon. Among the dead is an 8 year old boy. As information slowly leaked in via social media and the local Boston news, images of blood and dismemberment flooded Twitter and Facebook. But on top of those grotesque photos were examples of how mankind can come to the aid of strangers in the time of tragedy.

CNN has conflicting information about the type of bomb that may have been used:

A terrorism expert briefed on the investigation said doctors are “pulling ball bearings out of people in the emergency room,” suggesting the bombs were designed to propel shrapnel.

But Dr. Ron Walls of Brigham and Women’s Hospital, which received 31 patients, said the debris found in some patients’ wounds did not appear to be from ball bearings.

“Everything we saw was sort of ordinary ambient material that could have been propelled by the blast but was not added to the device,” Walls said. “It was not the kind of things that would be added to a device to make it more injurious than it otherwise would be.”

Boston Police Commissioner said authorities found at least one other explosive device that they were dismantling, but Rep. Bill Keating said two undetonated devices were found.

As of this morning the FBI is looking for information into the person or people responsible for the attacks.

“No piece of information or detail is too small,” the FBI Boston Division said, asking the public for any information or images that might provide clues.

Police and federal agents searched an apartment building on Ocean Avenue in nearby Revere late Monday night in connection with the bombings. CBS News Senior Correspondent John Miller reported Tuesday morning the apartment search was related to the man who is reportedly under guard at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.  Miller reported the man is a Saudi national who is in the United States on a student visa.

If anyone has any information about the attacks, they’re urged to contact the authorities at 1-800-494-TIPS.


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