Chris Brown Fine China

Chris Brown is back in the media spotlight, and this time it’s for all the right reasons.

The 23-year-old singer is on a promotional blitz in advance of the release of his latest album, X, which Breezy promises will be more introspective and grown up.

Gone are the Europop beats and dance music odes, this time Brown says he wanted to channel the legends

“For this album I went in with the Quincy Jones approach–lock out in one studio, I brought in various writers and producers, and we just created,” he told me last month.

“With ‘Fine China’ you can still feel that kinda ‘Off the Wall’ Michael Jackson vibe, but it’s still new and up to date. I really wanted to kind of bring that essence of music back with that single.”

And he does.

When I first heard the song booming through the studio speakers I was blown away (and I’m not easy to please). The song immediately made me want to dance in spite of myself, and I knew it would probably be a huge hit.

‘Fine China’ unabashedly channels Michel Jackson, one of Brown’s biggest influences, in a way that feels natural and not contrived. From its ultra funky bass line and the way the song melodically opens up, to Breezy’s telling lyrics in which he croons, “It’s alright, I’m not dangerous/When you’re mine I’ll be generous/You’re irreplaceable/A collectable/Just like ‘Fine China.’”

Is this song, and Chris Brown’s new, more seemingly thoughtful, image enough to convince his critics he’s a changed man?

I’m not so sure, but according to Breezy, he’s content to let the music speak for itself.

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  • IBJuliet

    I can’t help feeling that this so called new persona he has taken on is a ploy to sell records. Yes, he’s saying all the right things, but is he really a mature and changed man now? I just don’t see it.

    • get2thepoint

      How did you like the song, you IDIOT! You were supposed to comment on the “music.” No one wants to hear your d*mn opinion of his life. So again, what do you think about the song?

  • Mina

    Not pointing out his violence against Rihanna as I don’t care at the moment as the subject is focused on his new song, I am feeling this song. It has a Rock My World/Romeo must die kinda feel to it.

    I hate how every blog site says the girl looks like Karrueche just b/c the chick is Asian. They aren’t even the same ethnicity and they absolutely DO NOT look-a-like. DUMB!

    But anyway, I love the song actually. But him and Rihanna I do NOT. But I’ll save that for another blog post that isn’t about his music but his personal issues. I leave the personal issues outside of the music.

  • tara

    F*****K! chris brown.
    Chris brown is a POS!

  • Roy

    This song is phenomenal. Elina is actually delusional. Just look at how many dislikes her comment got. The past is in the past, everyone makes mistakes, and this is one damn good song. A breath of fresh air.

  • chris brown

    Chris Brown rules