A Michigan party store employee thought it would be funny to post photos of customers on Instagram. But unfortunately, when people got wind of the photos, they sought out the help of Fox 2 News Detroit.

The photos of black customers were posted on Instagram with racist captions under them. An example of one photo is below:


The caption listed for this photo: They probably stole those dogs.

The images came from Instagram user, bkoftheday, who happens to be the son of the store’s owner.  The store owner apologized for the actions of his son and decided to fire him because of the incidents.

“I apologize to the people,” he said. “I apologize to little kids, to grown men. I will apologize to everybody about my son.”

Fox 2 News Detroit reports:

Fox 2 News Headlines

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  • Honestly, I am not surprised by the behavior and attitude seen! That is why I don’t go to stores like these and give them money.

    • binks

      Also, this is why it is SO important for us to have our own and patronize companies, businesses, groceries stores, etc. ran and owned by people who look like us and are for us as a whole similar to the actor and his friends in New Orleans who built groceries stores in black communities that didn’t have any. I don’t want to generalize but there are a lot of stores like those in black communities that could care less about us or helping our plight but capitalizing off of it hence why they think they can treat or stereotype you any kind of way because they aren’t invested or care about us.

  • Rose

    i find it so funny how black ppl are casted into negative stereotypes like “ratchet” for simply just being.

    White person angry=justified angry white person
    Black person angry=ghetto, loud, ratchet

    White person picks up dog from the street=adoption
    Black person picks up dog from the street= stolen

    Anywho… boycott them. The son didn’t apologize, now that ought to tell you something. Black-owned businesses ftw!!!!

  • I must say

    @ Noir45
    You said I’m saying this:
    “Blacks, because of what some racist or other ignorant people believe, should ‘behave’ in a certain manner because of how we are perceived.” You are basically saying, “There is one rule for blacks and another rule for others. We aren’t human and they are.” You, I must say, are not connecting the dots.”

    Im sorry but you are the one not connecting the dots and it seems you are merely here to argue and twist words. My comment involved a solution to the behavior problem i see on a regular basis. Hmmm maybe i spend a little too much time in mostly black neighborhoods (oh wait I LIVE THERE). I said we should help our people when we see them acting negatively in public (especially these youth out here). What is so wrong with that? I, in no way said to act a certain way to remove racism. This has nothing to do with racism, it has to do with the black race period. Like I said we are so quick to rally up against the “white man” doing us wrong but ignore the problems in our own community. but Maybe you are like the others in the “black flight” that left the hood and never came back (im assuming of course). One example of my issue with the black rallies is how we were so quick to throw on hoodies for Trayvon Martin yet equally senseless Black on Black crime is happening everyday (no marches for the hood though). And like this situation, I see so many instagram and facebook memes from “black pages” with the same type of ignorant comments made by the store owner’s son and you know what they get “100+ likes”. We tear each other down and when someone of another race does the same thing, we put on our marching boots and cry racism.

    I just wish these same passionate people would march on down to the hood and try to encourage some changes. And thats exactly what my comment was about. (refer back if your forgot) Encouraging change in the people I know. But maybe your world is filled with upstanding, dignified, glorious black folk. In that case, my comment was not meant for you. Unless you want to leave your world and travel to what i see daily.

    • noir45

      Look, you aren’t picking up what I’m putting down.

      THIS THREAD was about a store owner’s son who made racist, unfounded comments about their customers. What’s more, the son posted pictures of their customers on a social network site. You then launch into this tirade about the black community and it’s ills. WHAT DID THAT HAVE TO DO WITH THIS STORY?This story wasn’t about the “ills of the black community.” It wasn’t about the story of what you’ve seen in the hood. You took this story and twisted it and then painted it up as you being “helpful” instead of addressing the racism behind the thread. I don’t care if you are black or not, but I suggest you learn about the bigger world outside your neighborhood.

      Here is what you said, in case you forgot: “Yes the actions of the store owner’s son were wrong. very wrong. but I wish our community would honestly admit we have SOME black individuals that display extreme ratchetness in these stores.”

      Now, you took this story of a racist boy and made it into the ills of some in the black community. It’s not unusual. I’ve heard it before. Many blacks, or those posing as black, tend to take stories and turn them into, “the black community this, the black community that” stories when the original thread has NOTHING to do with it. Your saying that, while the store owners were wrong, some black people do act ghetto aka “ratchet,” blah, blah, blah. That comment was uncalled for. You talk about throwing on hoodies to support Trayvon Martin (dang skippy we did!), yet you don’t see blacks aren’t marching. Says who? How do you know? Have you researched that or are you just ASSUMING? Even if we weren’t marching, we shouldn’t stand up for a young innocent kid who was gunned down? What does one have to do with the other? Why does it have to be either/or? Can’t we do it all?

      In our comment above, you said that correcting young people of their behavior has nothing to do with racism, it has to do with the black race period. Maybe you need to step out the hood and start visiting black neighborhoods that don’t fit your convoluted vision of one. Again, there’s a big world out there. People tend to use anecdotes as facts. I’m not saying that there are no problems in the hood. My point is that’s not what the topic was about.

      What’s more, you go on and on in your comment above talking about what we are or aren’t doing? How would you know what black people are doing around the country? Where are you getting your information from? The media? Do you think the white-owned media is going to inform its viewers of all the good things happening in black America. You based your narrow-minded view on what? Then you have the audacity to say that when other people demean us, we “cry racism.” (a key phrase usually used by racist whites and blacks to diminish the effects of racism) as if we shouldn’t. These customers are buttering the bread of this store owner, yet you diminish it. Oh, yes, you said, it was WRONG, but then the rest of your diatribe had to do with the “misbehaving Negroes” in the hood. That comment canceled out the wrongdoing of the owner. Sorry to inform you, but you are dang right we call out racism when we see it – that is unless one is too white-washed to see it, then one sits down and blames the victims of it. That’s another story.

      Anyway, I’m done. That’s my opinion, and I’m sticking to it. We will agree to disagree.

  • TPCherry B

    Stop putting your money in that store. Then make every employee apologize on behalf of that ahole. PEOPLE wake tf up. The only way we are going to show ppl we mean business is to not give them business.