OWN executives certainly hoped the premiere episode of “Iyanla: Fix My Life” with DMX would cause a stir to draw ratings, but even they couldn’t foresee the drama that snowballed after the airing.

Since DMX and Iyanla Vanzant’s confrontation premiered on OWN on April 13th, DMX has done several interviews airing his grievances with the network and specifically, Iyanla Vanzant.

Iyanla played nice by posting an open letter to DMX saying she’s not willing to give up on the rapper, but DMX maintains that her heart isn’t in the right place. He claims she was only supposed to talk about his addiction to women but instead, addressed his history of drug abuse and crime: issues that weren’t cleared for discussion before the taping.

On account of his dissatisfaction with how he was portrayed on the show, DMX did not give his personal written consent to have the footage aired. To that end, DMX is now threatening to pursue legal action to get the episode pulled from OWN via TMZ.

It’s unlikely that the network will comply as the DMX episode of “Fix My Life” pulled in huge ratings, up 22% from the series debut in 2012.

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  • DMX kept saying “most men want a son for their first born.” He seemed to take pride in creating a male son, when in reality he was little more than a sperm donor. Fathers love and protect their children. Real fathers embrace their first children regardless of gender. Fathers don’t berate them and make them feel small. Fathers don’t choose addiction over their children. DMX is a selfish, drug addict who will probably not live to see 50. And to call Iyanla out like that…rude, classless pig.