Donald Trump, The Boston Marathon & The Central Park 5

don’t look too long, you may turn into stone


Last week everyone was  inundated with news about the Boston terrorist attacks. Thanks to the federal and local government in Boston, the primary suspect was apprehended and is now in critical condition in a Boston hospital.  Also last week, Ken Burns’ Central Park 5 documentary aired and received rave reviews and even opened up conversation about the youths who were coerced into a confession and then exonerated years later. Everyone had their own opinions about both travesties that took place, including Mr. Combover himself, Donald Trump.

Donald Trump can’t seem to keep his fat mouth shut as usual. Sure, everyone shared the same sentiments about the suspected terrorist brothers, but no one was as eloquent as Trump.



Let’s rewind to the Central Park 5 incident. Trump spearheaded a media campaign condemning the accused teenagers. He paid  $85,000 full page ads in just about every major NYC newspaper. Trump also demanded the reinstatement of the death penalty. The print ads stated: “They should be forced to suffer and, when they kill, they should be executed for their crimes.”

 Well the “innocent baby” tweet  and remembering Trump’s stance during the Central Park incident struck a nerve with someone on Twitter and they decided to call Trump out.

According to Wonkette:

A high-school basketball coach, making a connection between Trump back then and Trump’s tweet of, “We are not dealing with an innocent baby here-DEATH,” tweeted at him: “With all due respect, after your rant about the Central Park 5, perhaps you should keep law and order comments to yourself.”

But not to be outdone, Trump of course had to get the last word in:

“Tell me,” Trump wrote, “what were they doing in the Park, playing checkers?”

But the punk ass deleted his tweet soon after. But that didn’t stop the screenshots from being available.


I’m sure they played tons of checkers while sitting behind bars for a crime they didn’t commit. I guess Trump forgot that small detail.  One of these days, Trump is going to get hit with his own version of “You’re fired”, and hopefully it’ll play out publicly.

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