The masterminds responsible for the forthcoming “Dear White People” and the web series “Hello Cupid” are brainstorming another masterpiece. Lena Waithe and Justin Simien – a well-respected director and writer duo – are creating a television series examining life for twenty-somethings. “Twenties” is “all about being in your ‘twenties’, finding yourself, speaking your mind, and making a conscious decision to have healthier relationships. In short, it’s a show about three girls who are just trying to get their lives together,” Waithe told Shadow & Act.

Shadow & Act writer Masha Dowell akins “Twenties” to “Girls” and “A Different World,” but also sees the show offering a unique perspective on this turbulent decade of a young person’s life.

“There’s this one line in the pilot where the lead character talks about her love for the film, “Wizard of Oz”; and then she specifically states that she prefers the white version and not the black one,” Dowell writes in her review. “I laughed at the line, because I related to it; but it’s not something I’d openly tell people. I personally hate to slander anything black in public, but then it comes a time when you have to accept your own standards. This project invites us into the world of a young black woman that openly voices her personal standards.”

Waithe and Simien hope the comedic, but poignant show attracts television executives.

“My goal for the project is for it to be on TV,” Waithe explains. “I feel like there are a lot of shows out right now that feature black people in extremes. We’re either really rich and bougie or broke and ratchet. There isn’t much middle ground. And ‘Twenties’ is definitely a show that’s somewhere in the middle.”

“Twenties” also has star-power assisting in its creation. Shelby Stone, a Hollywood producer whose credits include the forthcoming “The Queen Latifah Show,” “Single Ladies” and “Lackawanna Blues,” serves as the show’s executive producer.

Stone signed on to this project after catching “Dear White People” fever. “I was a big fan of Dear White People that Justin wrote and directed and Lena produced,” Stone told Dowell. “So when someone slipped me the script for ‘Twenties,’ I just loved it.”

Stone, who also produces “Let’s Stay Together,” thinks “Twenties” offers television a “funny and fresh original voice.” “It’s the voice of a young African –American female that we have not heard from,” she said. “And it’s not a traditional black female voice.”

Are you ready for “Twenties” Clutchettes?

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