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Where is the line between discipline and abuse?

For many, it’s hard to determine when a parent’s disciplinary actions cross the line. One video is calling that debate into question. It was posted on Facebook yesterday and already has over 9,000 shares, 1,800 likes and 270 comments.

It shows daughters being beaten by their father for twerking. They were hit repeatedly with a wire and then humiliated by the taping of a video subsequently shared widely on social media. The whole ordeal may stop them from gyrating for public consumption, but what will it do to them psychologically?

Reactions are varied. Some commenters believe it’s cause for child services to get involved while others commend the father or say the girls should just be happy they have a father to begin with. One reaction summed up the latter argument:

For those of you dummies saying that this is “child abuse” : So please explain to the rest of us , how would YOU handle it if you found out your underaged daughters were posting up twerking videos all over the web ? What are you gonna do , Use the typical “White Parent” form of discipline , playing the “That’s it , You’re grounded for a month” card ??

I commend this father for doing what needs to be done MORE OFTEN in this world , because at least these little girls HAVE A DADDY IN THEIR LIVES WHO OBVIOUSLY CARES .

Parents choose to discipline their child the way they see fit but when that form of discipline becomes public, it’s interesting to see how people respond. In this case, the sentiment ranges from compassion for the child to support for the father’s aggressive tactics. And both supporters and critics find common ground in their shared desire for voyeurism. No matter what their opinion, it seems like everyone can’t stop watching. What do you think about the latest punishment video, Clutchettes?

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  • I didn’t see the video. If this is abuse then what was it our parents got.That was abuse back then my mom tells me how they would get whooped with cords,tree switches and everything else.Why is it called abuse nowadays but our ancestors got way worse and they turned out fine.Whoopings shouldn’t be the only thing used to discipline kids,taking away phones and things should be used too.
    Yes the previous generations had whooping too but they also had values that their parents taught them and would go to church. There was a time when you could tell a parent their child is acting up and they would discipline their child,now they will be ready to kill you if you mention anything about their child.Parents are the problem nowadays as well, its not just the kids.Parents aren’t being held accountable.My mom tells me how back in the day the school would send someone to your house if you didn’t go to school and the parents were held responsible.Nowadays all you need is a note and sometimes kids forge those.
    I’m curious as to why when someone takes action to keep their kids from going down the wrong path then ppl say its abuse.When that person doesn’t do anything ppl still wanna run their mouth and say see i told you so.

  • Refined

    This is abuse, plain and simple. Discipline and teaching are important. But swinging an extension cord at a child is not discipline and it is unacceptable.

  • detroitchick

    Just because previous generations of black folks suffered corporal punishment and “came out fine” is not an excuse for abuse. And if they had all come out fine would we be in the place that we are in now? Black America is troubled to say the least. If parents can’t teach children how to solve problems without resorting to physical violence, what does that mean for their and our future?