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Where is the line between discipline and abuse?

For many, it’s hard to determine when a parent’s disciplinary actions cross the line. One video is calling that debate into question. It was posted on Facebook yesterday and already has over 9,000 shares, 1,800 likes and 270 comments.

It shows daughters being beaten by their father for twerking. They were hit repeatedly with a wire and then humiliated by the taping of a video subsequently shared widely on social media. The whole ordeal may stop them from gyrating for public consumption, but what will it do to them psychologically?

Reactions are varied. Some commenters believe it’s cause for child services to get involved while others commend the father or say the girls should just be happy they have a father to begin with. One reaction summed up the latter argument:

For those of you dummies saying that this is “child abuse” : So please explain to the rest of us , how would YOU handle it if you found out your underaged daughters were posting up twerking videos all over the web ? What are you gonna do , Use the typical “White Parent” form of discipline , playing the “That’s it , You’re grounded for a month” card ??

I commend this father for doing what needs to be done MORE OFTEN in this world , because at least these little girls HAVE A DADDY IN THEIR LIVES WHO OBVIOUSLY CARES .

Parents choose to discipline their child the way they see fit but when that form of discipline becomes public, it’s interesting to see how people respond. In this case, the sentiment ranges from compassion for the child to support for the father’s aggressive tactics. And both supporters and critics find common ground in their shared desire for voyeurism. No matter what their opinion, it seems like everyone can’t stop watching. What do you think about the latest punishment video, Clutchettes?

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  • noir45

    Excuse the typos.

  • bob

    Man Im Haitian. As a boy I used to catch beatings worst then this for smaller infractions. My little sister could do much worst then me and not get beat. I say he did what he had to do.

    • CMK

      Sounds to me like you’re projecting. Just because this happened to you, doesn’t make it right or mean that he taught his daughter’s anything, besides it’s OK to get your ass beat with a wire by your father. I pray to go God they don’t grow up and think it’s OK for a man to beat them the same way.

    • That’s an interesting point. As a father who hits his teen/pre-teen daughtera with an electrical cord would have a hard time telling his daughters to not let a man “beat on them” 0.0

    • Playwitit

      Ever heard of Rihanna? @BeReal

    • CMK

      Please stop the madness. You know good and well, that this man will have a damn hard time trying to convince his daughters that a man shouldn’t lay hands on them, after he’s beaten them like they were dogs with a damn wire. Don’t even sit and PRETEND that he won’t look like a hypocrite if he suddenly told them this. I thought it was lead by example?

      Would you be so supportive of his actions if he was beating their mother with a wire? So why is it OK to beat his daughters with a wire? This man clearly is on autopilot and angry ass hell, while beating his children. People black-out with this kind of anger. If he had murdered them, I bet you be singing a different tune, and finding the evidence to support my comments for me.

      I’m not going to go searching, but I’m bet my last dollar that childhood abuse whether by a father or a mother can be directly linked to SOME men and women getting into abusive relationships. Kids absorb their environments. They mimic their parents, so I’m sure there is a link.

  • Kema

    That’s abuse. Just because our parents didn’t realize it doesn’t mean we have to make the same mistakes. I was spanked as a child but decided to let it end with me. Don’t you remember how it felt as a child receiving a spanking. It doesn’t teach a lesson. If anything it teaches that violence is the way to handle problems. How can I tell my son not to hit someone for saying something if I’m hitting him when he says something I consider disrespectful.

    • noir45

      Kema, you are way too logical and make way too much sense. I think some people see one way of doing things and it’s seared in their brains. It’s like someone who says, “My daddy (or some other man) had sex with me when I was younger, so what’s wrong with a man doing it to my child). The justification of what this man did to those girls is mind boggling. If these comments are true, God help us and our future generation.

    • bob

      you are right. In American Society spankings do not work.

    • Smug

      I remember and those “spankings” (or what I knew as “beatings”) are what kept me on the strait AND narrow. I didn’t screw up often, but when I did what I knew was wrong, the belt was what some of us call the “Get Right”. A lot of people who have commented so far are so adamant about physical discipline, YES – Discipline, being detrimental, but it’s saved a lot of us from going down the wrong paths… With that said, what this asshole did to those girls was evil and he should be thrown in jail and have those kids taken from him (the same goes for their mother, assuming she was the one recording or knew what he was doing). That was not discipline AT ALL, THAT was the abuse that so many of you have tried to pass off on ‘simple whoopings’. There was no excuse for what he did, NONE.

    • Yes, there was just far too much anger & violence in his actions for this to have been about discipline.

  • bob

    On second thought. He over did it , he is clearly beating them girls to release his anger and to stop them from doing it again. But he is deff releasing his anger on them. That is not good. But the beatings did not last long.

    • noir45

      It lasted long enough. I guess that could be said when the slaves would get a few lashes by the whip. SMH.

  • I usually have no problem with spanking as a punishment but this dad went above and beyond in this case. I mean one to hit them with a cable wire is wrong and two to video tape it was a big no no. I think people misuse corporal punishment and get it confused with ACTAULLY parenting. Spanking does correct behavior alone. And as mention he didn’t really teach his daughter anything but forms the lines of her being afraid of him and not trusting him and most likely distort her views on her father. Furthermore, she is a pre-teen she is WAY push the age of spanking. As my mother say, if you have to spank your kid(s) this late in the game then you wasn’t rearing them right in the beginning! And where was the mom?