Italy's First Black Minister Attacked By Northern League

Italy recently appointed Cecile Kyenge as their first black minister and she’s already coming under attack by the Northern League. Some people have describe the Northern League as Europe’s version of the Tea Party. Kyenge’s primary goal is to provide birthright citizenship in Italy. Anyone who happens to give birth in Italy, will have a child that is an Italian citizen. By doing this, the parent, even if an undocumented citizen, will not be forced out of the country.

“Anyone who is born and grows up in Italy is an Italian,” Kyenge told Repubblica TV.

Matteo Salvini, secretary of the Northern League in Lombardy, called the 48-year-old Kyenge “the symbol of a hypocritical, do-gooding left that would like to abolish the crime of illegal immigration and only thinks about immigrants’ rights and not their duties”. He said the League was ready to mount “total opposition” to her in parliament.

Kyenge, who is originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, has been fighting for rights of immigrants in Italy as one of the officials of the Democratic Party’s Immigration Forum.

In the past, Kyenge, warned that depriving part of the society of their rights would take the entire society backwards, and eventually lead to a society where nobody’s rights are guaranteed. Explaining the importance of citizenship law reform, Ms. Kyenge said a new law was necessary as a recognition of the change that has already taken place in the country. There are almost a million minor children of immigrants who represent the future of the country, Ms. Kyenge said. Out of these, more than 570,000 were born in Italy and more than 600,000 go to Italian schools.



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