DMX’s explosive episode of “Iyanla: Fix My Life” aired on Saturday, and people haven’t stopped talking about the controversial segment days later. The show, which marked the premiere of the second season of Iyanla’s OWN series, was disturbing for many reasons, among them DMX calling Iyanla Vanzant a “b****” and Iyanla screaming back, “you never get to talk to me ever again.”

It left many viewers unsettled, some who felt Iyanla was out of line for yelling at a troubled person and others who think DMX is a lost cause.

Both Iyanla and DMX have spoken out since the episode. Interviewed by Jet Magazine, DMX attacked Iyanla claiming that she set off to make a mockery of him from the beginning:

DMX’s publicist echoed his sentiment saying the show “made his image worse” and Iyanla didn’t have “personal written consent to use the footage.”

Iyanla responded with an open letter to DMX saying “I will not give up on you,” “I support you, I love you,” and “I know that there’s no valley deep enough, no gap wide enough, no mountain high enough that love can’t conquer. My door is always open.”

Watch the recording below:

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