Michelle Obama, Shonda Rhimes, Valerie Jarret & Beyoncé Named in TIME 100 Influential List

From booty popping Beyoncé, to Michelle Obama, and Valerie Jarrett, Time’s 100 Influential list definitely runs amok with celebrities, humanitarians and notable politicians. Michelle Obama was placed in the “icon” category, along with Beyoncé and a few others I’ll silently question (Lena Dunham, Justin Timberlake, Kate Middleton).  Maya Angelou wrote about the first lady and her campaign to end childhood obesity. “She considers all children her responsibility: black white, pretty or plain, all the children,” said Angelou. Angelou also went on to speak about Obama’s personality, “she has remained herself, with her grace, her gentleness and her sense of humor.”

Beyoncé was praised by The Great Gatsby director, Baz Luhrmann. He referred to her as the “air-apparent diva of the USA—the reigning national voice.” He also made mention of her humility and her strong family ties. 

Other African-Americans that appear on the list include:  Barack Obama, Frank Ocean, Valerie Jarrett, LeBron James, Shonda Rhimes, Miguel and California attorney general Kamala Harris. Jay-Z appears on the cover and is written about by New York mayor Michael Bloomberg. Other writers include Stevie Wonder on Justin Timberlake, Oprah Winfrey on Shonda Rhimes, John Legend on Frank Ocean and Maya Angelou on Michelle Obama.

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