The reality show diva seems to be on a winning streak lately, and all of us on team Nene can only be happy for her! Bravo reported this afternoon that Ms. Leakes will be re-stating her “I Dos” to former hubby, Gregg Leakes, on their new wedding spinoff, “ I Dream of Nene: The Wedding.” The docu-series, set to premiere this fall, will broadcast the prominent housewife as she plans the wedding of a lifetime.

Since the birth of Bravo’s hit reality show, “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Nene has taken the world by storm with her extra fabulous two-snapping personality. As fans of the show are aware, Nene and Greg divorced back in 2011 after 13 years of marriage. Before millions of viewers we watched the once happy couple grow aloof after Greg accused Leakes of letting fame get to her head in addition to having reportedly invested $300,000 into her fledging acting career.

Having undergone such a tumultuous period in their relationship has led Nene to want to start her second marriage to Gregg on a clean slate, including mending fences with Gregg’s children and reuniting with her father figure Curtis.

Knowing Nene, the wedding extravaganza will steer far away from anything ordinary or expected. According to a press release issued by Bravo Media, each episode will follow the over the top housewife as she and celebrity wedding planner, Tiffany Cook, put together a one of a kind celebration. Bridal party members Cynthia Bailey and Marlo Hampton are reported to bring some controversial flair mixed with fabulousness to the classy affair.

Congratulations are in order to the couple!

Will you be watching “I Dream of Nene” this fall Clutchettes?


-Nikki B.

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  • LMO85

    In a word or six….F*ck No. F*ck NeNe’s obnoxious azz.

  • Michele

    NeNe has made some changes and is doing some great things but she will always be loud & over the top. I doubt that I will watch her show. Greg is gross to me and I think NeNe can do a little better. Greg is a mix of Fred Sanford & Grady *cringes* and he looks like he has hot, foul breath. NeNe likes it and the check has obviously cleared.

  • Zebrina

    Yes I will be watching this wonderful couple renew their vows. ****THEY WON!** and will continue to Win. BLUP!!!!!!!



    • Moses

      In exodus Jesus call Isrealite his first son,to show how much he love them,but isrealite refused to recognised him as their saviour.
      So I,m not surprised when enemy of progress stand against Queen Nene, a lady with big heart, she could have lost into crowd of men,but instead she took the fame back to her beloved ex . She is a child of God an the Lord did plan her steps in this life. It,s just a begining,she is a prophetess people should better go for an advice from her before it,s too late..she as big sense of humour,let look how she deal with her son when in trouble.
      Nene,myself and my family here in London looking forward to your big wed day..PLEASE
      TELL THEM.
      You are a child of God that is the reason why u are able.
      Love u bye…Moses.

    • laila

      i so agree with what you are saying, i love her so much she is such a remarkable women….she is beautiful and things are going great for her. she got remarried and have u seeing her new hair line? i am just happy for her. God Bless her =)