Old School Celebrity Styles That Work Today
Everything old is always new again…sooner or later. Who better than some of our classic sisters to take style cues from? Click through to see hairstyles on everyone from the real boss, Diana Ross (above, with an amazing ‘fro) to Lisa Bonet in an asymmetrical cut as the funky fresh Denise Huxtable of The Cosby Show fame.

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  • DasaniFRESH

    I thought Donna Summers was an old-school inspired picture of Kelly Rowland :-)

  • Nakia

    IMO, braids are always and forever “in style” for sistas. period. And…Oh my gorgeous, gorgeous Phyllis! What I like about most of these looks is that even for the straightened looks, the standard was not bone straight and unnatural looking. I really miss the “my hair at least LOOKS like it could have grown from my own scalp” look. Even when i press my hair, I like it slightly coarse and textured.

  • Pip’s love

    I love that pic of Maya Rudolph-Ive never seen her hair that way!

    • Eva

      That’s not Maya, it’s her mother Minnie Riperton.

    • Eva

      Oops my bad, it is Maya. Misread. And here I was thinking they both looked alike. Tsk.

  • Mimi

    we always recycle styles.. and these kids think they did it first lol…..