If life is a gift, shouldn’t we be celebrating each year that we grow older instead of dreading it? From anti-aging products to popular phrases like “30’s the new 20,” society would have us believe that looking or feeling younger is ideal. But Oprah Winfrey believes we have it all backwards.

She recently told Extra in a behind-the-scenes video of her latest O Magazine cover shoot that she embraces aging:

“People get all screwed up and afraid of aging when, in fact, every year should be a celebration. You should be celebrating every year that you are given. I don’t understand women lying about their age and everybody dreading getting older. It means you’re still here! […] To deny your age is to deny your life. I stand here 59 years old and so happy to claim every single part of the journey of those 59 years. All of death reminds us that aging and moving forward is so important.”

I’m inclined to agree with her. When you think of lives that are ended short due to cancer, gun violence, tragedies like 9/11 and more, you start to realize what a blessing it is to grow older. As my father says, wrinkles and a slowed metabolism aren’t so bad when you consider the alternative.

What are your thoughts, Clutchettes? Do you embrace aging?


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