Bright EyelinerThis is going to sound silly, but it never occurred to me to purchase eyeliner in a shade other than black or brown until last summer—like 10 years into wearing makeup. For some reason, whenever I saw a blue or purple liner I thought those colors were for non-black women who wanted to accentuate their blue or green eyes, and never thought twice about it. But thanks to my new-found love affair with Makeup Forever, and consequently every other makeup line in Sephora, my colorful eyeliner cherry has been popped!

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  • Amber

    Good tips. I especially like the pic of the darker woman because I have a dark complexion and am sometimes afraid to add bold colors on my face.

  • Ads

    I’m surprised by the author’s surprise. My chocolatey-ist friend always gets to wear the funnest makeup that would look crazy on the rest of us. We’re a multi-culti group, i’m olive, bffs r asian, red heads, light skinned black girls, and one very chocolately friend who loves a good sun tan. When we share make up i just cant hang w her emerald and saphire shades, and i havent even dared try her golds and oranges. Congrats chocolate ladies u can rock the best selection.

  • *gasp* Girl, bright liners (and mascara) were made for us!

  • Marisa

    I love the deep purple eye colors the ones I get are very flattering since I am dark skin although those gold/silver ones I tend to stay away from, as they look to drag queenish if overdone lol. Also I found a real nice deep green one from a makeup artist at Victoria secret that I ended up buying, the key is simple just go with what flatters the same thing applies to clothing too.

  • talaktochoba

    they look like extras from “The Walking Dead”…and my son wouldn’t be caught dead with anything looking like this!

    • Ha. It just takes some getting used to. My daughter has the most beautiful almond shaped eyes. She wears bright eyeliner and it’s so beautiful. It makes her eyes pop. My big girl is 16. I’m so proud of her beauty.