Wanetta Gibson Lawsuit: School Sues Woman Over False Rape Accusation

Don’t falsely accuse someone of rape, get compensated for it, recant your statement and then expect a school district not to come for the money they gave you. Wanetta Gibson, the woman who accused Brian Banks of rape, is learning this the hard way.

The Long Beach Unified School District is attempting to recoup what it can from a settlement it paid to Gibson in the wake of a false rape accusation she made against a promising football star, Brian Banks, in 2002.

“It is important to convey that the school board isn’t going to sit idly by if someone tries to defraud it of taxpayer resources,” said district spokesman Chris Etfychiou.

Unfortunately, lawyers from the school district can’t seem to locate Gibson. Gibson was awarded the settlement in 2007, after she said a lack of security led to her being raped by fellow student Banks.

Gibson later recanted the rape claim on tape, paving the way for Banks’ exoneration of the charge – however he had already served more than five years in prison.

That recantation also paved the way for the school district to seek recompense. The district has retained the law firm McCune and Harber and has alleged in a civil suit Gibson committed contractual fraud.

No one knows exactly how much the school district paid Gibson. Some sources are reporting that she received $1.5 million.

Eftychiou said recently that, “The school district’s settlement agreement in this case is confidential, but we can confirm that the amount the media reported was grossly exaggerated. The school district did not pay Gibson $1.5 million. “

Whatever the amount the school district paid her, it’ll be interesting to know how much she actually has left.

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  • Anthony

    I know this is victim blaming at a certain level, but the Brian Banks/Wanetta Gibson story is one more example of why it pays not to spread your affection around too much. Men & Women: don’t kiss and cuddle or fool around with just anyone because some folks are crazy and can make your life hell if you give them an inch!

    You don’t have to practice chastity, but being a little chaste is a good thing!

  • “Unfortunately, lawyers from the school district can’t seem to locate Gibson”

    ha, ha, ha….

  • I actually feel sorry for her even though she ruin another human being life, at the time she was 15 years old and the massage she was receiving from society is that female can lie on a male and everyone would believe them regardless it doesn’t matter because you are a female and you can ruin another female son life just for sport and profit, I believe her mother put her up to it and the District Attorney should share some of the blame also.

    • naan

      she was 15 at the time she accused him but she was awarded the money 5 years later, a 20 year old woman by then.

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  • K. Michel

    That’s five years that he’ll never get back… he might’ve even been a starter instead of being on the practice squad. I wouldn’t underestimate just how often something like this happens. The line between “groupie” and “psychopath” is a thin one.