White Whine tumblr

Have you ever heard someone complain about their “problems,” only to think they were being completely ridiculous? Enter the archival Tumblr, White Whine , which culls together a sometimes hilarious, oft times ironic list of “first world problems.”

The site, which boasts over 20,000 fans, highlights the nonsensical complaints of others about everything from the lack of hotel WiFi and basketball games not being broadcast in HD, to grumbles about domestic staff and service workers.

Here’s a taste

While I admit to chuckling at a few of the “problems” highlighted, seeing the list of complaints made me wonder if our society has become far too entitled and not grateful enough for the opportunities and advancements we enjoy. And if Gallup’s survey measuring highest positive emotions worldwide is any indication, the real “first world problem” may be unhappiness.

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