Zoe Saldana looks beautiful on the cover of Allure Magazine, a fact that isn’t surprising when you consider the glossy’s reputation for glamorizing their subjects. What stands out as bizarre is the cover line which reads “Zoe Saldana: 115 pounds of grit and heartache.” It’s the first time we’ve seen a cover subject’s weight featured so prominently, especially in a magazine that mainly focuses on beauty, not body.

It can be argued the editors were trying to play up the “little and full of grit” reference to speak to Zoe’s lithe frame and larger-than-life personality. But they could have accomplished that by any number of adjectives describing Zoe as small and petite. Including the numerical figure draws significant attention to her weight and poses it as attractive enough to be displayed on the cover.

Furthermore, her weight is the first descriptor we read after Zoe’s first and last name. Weighing in at a mere 115 pounds, it’s Zoe’s lithe frame that’s put on a pedestal and seen as something to aspire to; her success, natural beauty, confidence, attitude, sexuality and race all take a backseat.

Interestingly enough, her weight isn’t referenced in the article though the write-up does touch on Zoe’s race and sexuality. In a particularly fascinating quote, she reveals she could “end up with a woman raising my children … that’s how androgynous I am.” The focus remains on her body though as we see Zoe posing in the nude, showing off just how attractive Allure finds a 115 pound, 5’7″ frame to be.

Sure, it could just be an innocent device used to describe Zoe. But given the magazine industry’s history of glorifying thinness as the ideal body standard (even when it’s achieved by unhealthy practices), Allure‘s cover line is ill-conceived. Do you agree?

-Jennifer Grimes

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  • D

    Is this thin-shaming? LOL

    • LOL. i was thinking the same thing. I am 4’10”, 92 pounds. Depending on who you talk to, I need meat on my bones or I benefit from a thin-normative society.

      I’m short, I’m petite. Zoe is tall and petite. She has no reason to be ashamed of her weight, but I don’t know if her normal size is promoting a negative self-image for women and girls of other sizes. Can we be who we are and not be responsible for poisonous ideals?

    • au napptural

      That’s impossible b/c that’s not her natural size. I’m 5’7 and I was a size 0 and 2 back in the day. But even with super thin genes and running track I don’t think I’ve weighed that since I was 15. The least I’ve weighed as an adult is in the 120s and that’s b/c I’m picky and active. Unless you have an eating disorder or some type of metabolic issue you cannot as a woman in her thirties weigh 115 pounds and be 5’7. Let’s be honest. The woman looks like she doesn’t eat. And when she did Colombiana I read interviews to that effect.

    • D

      “Unless you have an eating disorder or some type of metabolic issue you cannot as a woman in her thirties weigh 115 pounds and be 5’7.”

      LOL…OK…exactly. She can’t possibly be that thin. In fact, Zoe Saldana doesn’t exist she’s just a hologram built to make heavier folks feel bad.

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  • physhgirl

    as a naturally thin person myself who has given birth to two beautiful children who are now going thru puberty and having to put up with the “eating disorder” comments like I had to myself I say leave us thin people alone! I am a “real” woman…my son is 14 years old 5’7 and 110pds. At is age I was 93 pds. He will eat a 5 egg omelet for breakfast. we are all built different. she is gorgeous….

  • KDJW

    Cute and talented woman quite frankly I can care less how much she weighs, and if I picked up the magazine I probably wouldn’t even noticed the story line…..just me I guess

  • Sasha

    Allure referencing her weight on their cover is not ill-conceived. If she’s proud of her 115 pound frame as are women who boast about their curves and toss out the BMI measurements then that’s her business and she’s well within her right to.