Awaiting New Scandal Season: What we’re looking forOne of the hottest and highest rated shows on TV is hands-down Scandal. Since the creation of Scandal the craze has yet to die down, rightfully so, the scenes are vivid, the passion is intense, and Kerry Washington’s wardrobe is *everything*!

With the show on pause until its new season airs this fall, many fans are left on the edge of their seat waiting for the new scandal to unfold.

As things heat up between Olivia and Fitz, some loyal fans may begin to notice Scandal is approaching its 3rd season and every single character in Olivia Pope’s firm has had some form of a relationship with a love interest except….Harrison (Columbus Short).

Episode after episode there’s been no sign or indication that Harrison will have a love-life. Some speculate he will be gay, others have their fingers crossed in hopes that he and Olivia will strike a flame, but many are left wondering where’s the love for Harrison…

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  • RenJennM

    Lovvvveeee the show! Can’t wait for the new season. :-)

    My personal favorite character is ‘Huck’. He’s one of the best actors on there and is probably the most complex character as well. I love watching his stories unfold. And of course, just like all of the other sistahs, I love me some Columbus Short (‘Harrison’). But I’ve been on his wave since the movie, “Stomp The Yard”, so he’s nothing new to me.

    Just like some of ya’ll mentioned, I also think ‘Harrison’ has feelings for ‘Liv’. So, instead of having a love interest, his love for her will probably be revealed instead.

    What I love about this show is that no one is all squeaky-clean perfect. All of them are flawed — just like real human beings. We may despise them one minute and empathize with them the next. For example, I can’t stand ‘Hollis’, but he is hilarious and not [entirely] evil. Same with Liv: I adore her fabulousness and admire her brilliance, but she’s often pretty stupid. The layers within each character, as well as the dialogue and story arcs, really make this show interesting.

    • talaktochoba

      well, this is a new one…”layers” in soft porn;

      there is nothing romantic about repeated superior subordinate office rape or mindless promiscuity or homosexuals pretending to be adoptive parents;

      and those who dismiss this as just a TV show, don’t expect ANY man to have much respect for you in the real world if this is all you can rave about;

    • RenJennM

      LOL! Am I supposed to take this comment seriously? This was pretty funny.

    • talaktochoba

      and when men use you like a spittoon, like the First Whore, are you lol then, RenJenn?

  • Harrison’s personality is soooo dry though. Lol

    • RenJennM

      Really? I think Harrison is just cool and sharp, and he cracks a witty joke at least once or twice per episode. If you mean “dry” as in dry humor, then I got you. But if you meant “dry” as in boring, then… I totally don’t get it. lol But to each its own, I guess.

  • m

    @SayWhat- Black women have been having sex with white men for 400 years. I think black men are used to it.

    • talaktochoba

      sex is one thing, but rape is quite another,and that is precisely what this show celebrates; black women have been getting raped by white men for over 400 years just like Jefferson did Sally, and thankfully today black men will no longer stand for it, any more than we will black women being dehumanised into whores, sexual tools, oversexed animals–because we are not;

  • BrownandBeautiful

    I just have to ask: when it comes to Fitz, are ya’ll Team Liv or Team Mellie?