The operators of an apartment building in southern Brooklyn were facing a lawsuit Tuesday, for allegedly discriminating against potential tenants.

The lawsuit filed by the Fair Housing Justice Center claimed black applicants were turned away from the building at 7502 Ridge Boulevard in Bay Ridge, in favor of white applicants.

The advocacy group said it investigated practices at the 59-unit building by sending equally qualified African-American and white testers to inquire about apartments for rent. The building superintendent allegedly told the African-American testers that no apartments were available or wouldn’t be for months, while white testers were shown available apartments, the group said.

The lawsuit named Merz Realty Co.; its principals, Hal and Barry Shaprio; and agents, Ula and Zdislaw Zatorski.

“The testing makes clear that African Americans were routinely turned away or treated worse than their white counterparts,” attorney Mariann Meier Wang said in a news release. “Such behavior propagates segregation, which simply cannot be tolerated.”

In response to the allegations, one of the building’s owners said he would never condone any discriminatory practices.



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  • DK

    Blacks ALWAYS have to look to live in white areas.. The reality is that area would be DESTROYED if blacks lived there in any real numbers and everyone KNOWS It.. Thus, that is the reason they are not wanted too much… 97% of the shootings in NYC were done by blacks and hispanics the past year.. Well over 90% of the criminals arrested are black and hispanic too.. You can LIE to yourselves all you want but facts are still facts.. Clean up your OWN areas for a change. Start to make your schools worth something for a change instead of always leeching off the white man.. You ever get tired of doing that? Damn… Do you not know what shit holes like Newark, Detroit, Camden, North Philly, Baltimore, Chicago and so many others have in common? Black thugs have ruined them all and ruined the schools too… Man, clean up your own shit for a change. The respect will come far quicker than voting in a socialist president…

    • texaschainsawlovin’

      Hey man you’re on the wrong site. Stormfront is thataway —>

  • Lei-Lyn

    The way I see it, money is money and it shouldn’t matter who it’s coming from as long as qualifications are up to par.