Danity Kane

Sean “Diddy” Combs terminated egos and contracts when he disbanded Danity Kane in 2009. All of the members – with the exception of Dawn Richard – were tossed aside and forced to navigate the rough terrains of the music business alone. Da Band met a similar fate in season three of “Making the Band” and Day 26 hasn’t fared much better.

Danity Kane had an element the other bands didn’t: Solid albums, multiple hits and Billboard success. The group is the first female band in Billboard history to have their first two albums hit number one on the charts. Both of their albums, “Danity Kane (2006)” and “Welcome to the Dollhouse (2008)” were certified platinum. Thousands of fans are still enthralled with the Danity Kane quintet and have tweeted several members requesting a new album and reunion tour. The ladies listened and are preparing to adhere to their fans’ requests.

TMZ reports four of the original five members met with a new manager in Los Angeles to discuss a possible reunion. It is rumored Aubrey O’Day, Shannon Bex, Dawn Richard, and Aundrea Fimbres will record new music and are attempting to orchestrate a tour.

The fifth member, D.Woods, was absent from the meeting. She’s been pursuing a solo career, releasing mixtapes and EPs without commercial success. Woods has not commented on Danity Kane reuniting, but she told Hollyscoop she was satisfied with the role she played in the group’s success.

“It came to an end when it needed to,” Woods explained. “There was a lot of outstanding issues and obviously that was the only way it could be resolved. And I know that I did my very best in the situation. I added to the group in the way that, I knew how to be a group member. I provided us with choreographers, with management, song writing, and everything that I could. But if your services are not being appreciated you gotta take it elsewhere.”

None of the members are seeking Diddy’s permission to move forward in their careers. When TMZ reporters asked the women if Diddy was involved in their reunion, their response was “Who’s that?” Shade has been tossed right at the Bad Boy Records founder, but if history repeats itself, he won’t take the disrespect lightly.

The wealthiest man in hip-hop disbanded the group, claiming O’Day’s ego was causing tension. At the time of her termination, Diddy said “I got love for Aubrey. I don’t have any beef with her. I just want to work with the young lady that I signed, not the person that fame has made her.”

He then infamously told her, “Check this out, baby girl… See, your attitude is gonna have you in a dark and lonely place. What you need to do, at the end of the day, is humble yourself.”

Diddy hasn’t responded to the news, but TMZ predicts a legal battle will ensue over the usage of the name “Danity Kane.”

For those needing a refresher, here are Danity Kane’s biggest hits.


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  • mEE

    this would make my day! i still play their entire first album while I’m cleaning on Saturdays. …don’t judge me lol

  • Anthony

    All the proof I need that I’m old! I heard of them but I had no clue they were a real success!

  • Ma’at

    I agree…I think he does a great job in finding the right people to be in a group but he doesn’t do well in keeping their success afloat. He should of gotten them the right team to keep it togther. They could of have had lot more success. I really loved their music and they are all very talented. I do believe there were a few of the girls just wanted solo careers going into the group which lead to their demise.

  • Kay

    I agree with other commenters about Diddy’s groups never lasting long. He will come out with a group that has solid presence, materials, etc., and they just…fade out. I’ve always secretly thought that he pushes them to fail, considering he has the worst rapping ability of anyone I’ve ever heard and can’t sing a lick. Some people are meant to be the movers and shakers behind the scenes, a la Berry Gordy or Quincy Jones. But I don’t know if Diddy’s head is in that same place. He doesn’t keep up the momentum to will leave his artists on top and I don’t know if that’s a personal thing or not. *shrugs*