It happens every Mother’s and Father’s Day. Black Twitter inevitably starts praising parents who played both mother and father roles, and verbally chastising those who abandoned their responsibilities. “Happy Mother’s Day” shout-outs go to fathers who had to shoulder the responsibility of raising their children alone, and vice versa for single mothers and absent Dads.

Praise is due to single parents, without a doubt, but some people take issue with those declarations of love and anger. Often, they carry a twinge of bitterness about the deadbeat parent. Those posts read like an indirect jab at the parent who wasn’t around: “Happy Father’s Day Mom since you had to be a father and a mother to me because Dad was never around.” That negativity messes up the vibe of what should be a loving holiday.

Sunday, there was talk of a solution: a single parents holiday. It would take away the need for angry posts on Mother or Father’s Day about the parents that shirked their responsibility and redirect it as appreciation for those who reared kids on their own. With more single parents than ever, maybe it’s time to designate a holiday that especially honors them.

Do you think we need a single parent holiday, Clutchettes and Gents? Discuss.

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