Rochelle Aytes

We’re loving the healthy, full tresses on actress Rochelle Aytes, who stars in the new series, Mistresses. You may have also seen her in movies like Madea’s Family Reunion and White Chicks, but you can check her later this year as Pebbles “Perri” Reid in the VH1 biopic, Crazy, Sexy, Cool: The TLC Story.

But back to her hair, whether she rocks a blow out or her natural curls (she obviously prefers a center part) the cut and color and shine of her locks are always impressive.

Here are a few of our favorite Rochelle looks.

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  • lisa

    I swear most of the people on here are silly. If you’re AA, reality check….you’re ALREADY MIXED. African + White = Black. So that is where your point breaks down. Secondly, I have friends who have extremely kinky hair and their parents are European. On the other hand, a friend from Ghana has the most silkiest hair I’ve ever seen. Calm down people. We are all black, just in different proportions.

    • m

      AFRICAN + WHITE = BLACK??? What on earth are you talkin about? How can you take an entire continent(Africa), mix it with a general race (white) and say that equals black? Africans make up over 50 countries in one continent are also a variety of races, i.e. Egyptians, Eritreans, Cape Verdians, etc. Not all black people have European ancestry, many of us have Native American ancestry and I see you left that out of your crazy equation.

    • L

      you cray…lol

  • P

    Stop hating! She’s beautiful. We come in all shades and hair textures.

  • Guest

    Thank you P. Is this reverse colorism the new thing? It’s sad and not really conducive to a productive dialogue.
    How is discounting one type of beauty any different than the darkskin gripe of being discounted for skin color?
    She’s pretty and has pretty hair. I don’t look anything like her and you know what I still think I’m pretty with pretty hair!
    Can we ever stop diminishing each other to get a point across?