After his recent third arrest for soliciting male prostitution, Mister Cee went on the radio on Hot 97 this morning to break his silence to co-workers Peter Rosenberg, Cipha Sounds, Ebro and K Foxx. He first addressed gay rumors, saying: “I embrace the gay community more than you know…I am not gay.”

The Hot 97 DJ went on to explain he was approached by an undercover female cop, not a male. He said the original story reported by the New York Daily News cited that the cop was a woman but subsequent news reports changed to say the arresting officer was a man.

The 46 year-old called the whole ordeal “a sting operation.” He claims the undercover female Latina police officer offered to give him oral sex. When he said no, “all hell broke loose.” He says he didn’t realize Broadway and Madison, an area frequented for transgender prostitutes, was a place where that kind of illegal activity takes place. It was “dumb luck” that he was in that part of town, he says.

Cee does admit to liking prostitutes, saying “I have an addiction to not only prostitution, but an addition to getting a quickie.” When asked why he seeks prostitues at this stage in his career, he said he doesn’t realize how famous he is and is seeking therapy. He also revealed he has trust issues with women.

This is not Mister Cee’s first brush with the law. In 2011, he pled guilty to loitering for the purpose of engaging in prostitution, when he was allegedly caught receiving oral sex from a 20-year-old man in a car. He addressed that case this morning, saying the charges were false but he pled guilty to protect his family and Hot 97.

The famed DJ announced he is going to “suspend himself” and take time off, but did an interview because, in his words, “I don’t want people to think I have anything to hide.” He added: “People have accused me of being gay for probably ten years now. I don’t care what people think.”

What’s your take on this, Clutchettes and Gents?

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