Wale BadOne of my closest friends, we’ll call her “Kim,” called me in a fragile mood to rant about Wale’s song called “Bad.” If you haven’t heard the song — it’s for sure a radio banger for this summer. Wale’s mix of seduction and street mentality strikes the perfect balance, yet the message in the lyrics is nothing short of promoting sexual hedonism while down-playing monogamy.

Initially when Kim started off her rant with, “girl did you listen to the lyrics in Wale’s song?” My first reaction per usual was to give a beyond the surface response “girl yes, he’s promoting a culture of hedonism and encouraging the masses to operate in flesh instead of love.”

Unlike Kim’s typical laugh or equally deep beyond the surface rebuttal, the phone conversation became radio silent. After saying hello nearly twenty times, I noticed my dear friend was crying. After a few more moments of silence, Kim pulled herself together and mustered up the energy to confess to me that she’s a 29-year-old woman who has never made love to a man. Kim’s teary confession mixed with heart ache and anger came from the realization that after listening to Wale’s song, she realized she had never actually made “love.” Kim is a drop dead gorgeous woman who any man would love to have, yet Kim’s entire sex life has been in non-committal situations. Granted Kim didn’t lose her virginity until her senior year in college to an acquaintance and since has had a sex life without commitment.

After hours of her and I exchanging our thoughts on love, sex, lust, and celibacy, Kim ended the phone conversation by vowing to live by the “All or Nothing” mantra with a vow that she must be in a committed relationship before taking things to the sexual level.

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