Jordan Crawford talks about Carmelo Anthony's wife, Lala

Trash talking is as big a part of basketball as layups and three-pointers, but when does it cross the line?

Last year Boston Celtics star Kevin Garnet attempted to get inside rival Carmelo Anthony’s head by insinuating he’d slept with Anthony’s wife, Lala.

During the incident, Garnet reportedly told Anthony that Lala “tasted like Honey Nut Cherios,” which nearly resulted in a post-game fight. This time, history almost repeated itself when a Boston reserve player, Jordan Crawford, took another shot at Lala.

As the players were walking off the court at the end of game 5 of their playoff series, Crawford was caught on camera uttering lewd comments toward Anthony. Although it’s hard to tell exactly what was said, it appears Crawford utters, “M*therf*ker f*cked your wife.”

To Anthony’s credit, he downplayed the incident and left the court, but his teammate, Raymond Felton, took offense and confronted Crawford. As tensions heightened, players were rushed off the court and fans are eager to see how game 6 of the series will play out.

After the game, Anthony said commenting on Crawford was beneath him.

“I’m not thinking about no Jordan Crawford, not at this point in time, I’ll tell you that,” Anthony told reporters after the game. “I don’t even think he deserves for you to be typing [his name] right now.”

But Lala wasn’t so diplomatic. She took to Twitter on Thursday to take a jab at Crawford, tweeting, “Try again. You on the bench for a reason.”

Despite video of the incident, Crawford claims he never mentioned Lala.

He tweeted, “I would never talk trash about that man’s wife. I don’t [know] him. All I did was respond!!”

Gaining a psychological advantage on your opponent is a big part of sports, and many players trash talk before, during, and after the game tying to influence what happens on the hardwood. But taking shots at someone’s wife or girlfriend seems like a low blow because it not only dives into the murky waters of questioning someone’s “manhood,” but it unnecessarily tarnishes the other person’s reputation as well.

And in this day in age when rumors are often taken for fact, a seemingly harmless ploy to get inside your adversary’s head can have serious real world consequences.

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  • Marisa

    Well you know what the antidote to all that trash talking WINNING so Melo actually got in the last word, while the Celtics shuffle off on their last legs. Also Crawford should spend the effort he has running his mouth he should put forward the same effort to work on his game, then he might actually get out of a warm up suit and get in the game when it matters.

  • Daphne

    Any man who thinks it’s funny to brag about sleeping with another man’s wife (whether it’s true or not) is a misogynistic piece of sh*t. Women aren’t there to be pawns in your pissing match with other men. Lala is a real person with real feelings, and probably has nothing to do with whatever lame beef they have going on the court, how about show some respect? Have a little class maybe?

    Not to mention the gross double standards in their statements. Why should Melo feel bad if his wife slept with other players in the past, if he and some of those same players have probably slept with countless women? Another case of if “it’s okay when men do it, but Imma degrade any woman who dares to think she has the same sexual freedom as me.”

    Manchildren indeed.

    • Marisa

      Interesting point you make because my parents always taught us if people have negative qualities but, we chose to associate with them then what does it make us. Check out all of these blogs and we go in daily on females that deal with the celeb/athletic men. Their called groupies, gold diggers, whores but while in many cases its true what does it make the men that repeatedly chose to associate with them.

      Yall know the saying like attracts like, even if its true that Lala got down like that trust its not something Melo wouldn’t have heard about. So he still willfully walked down the aisle and said I Do, secondly if Lala was spreading it around guess what she would have that in common with Melo, he’s had jump-offs come out of hiding before. Also I hate to keep beating a dead horse but the dude whose not even playing in the game shouldn’t even be opening his trap saying anything. Crawford should be running his mouth to Doc to get some actual playing time.