Earlier this year, when Keyshia Cole launched a tirade against Beyonce’s “Bow Down” song,  R&B artist and soon to be reality tv actress, Lil Mo, had a lot to say about it:


The phrase “Who’s Ya Publicist, Who’s Tweetin’ For You”, came from the advice she offered Cole. Apparently everyone loved it so much, that she decided to print t-shirts of her “catch phrase”.

For $37.50 you get 2 t-shirts and a mixtape!

Gotta love the entrepreneurial spirit of folks.

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  • Actually…the phrases came from Rhianna and her tweets to Ciara!!!

    • HarlemAboard

      And you’re wrong…

      It’s Lil Mo

  • DEE

    $37.50 for a badly designed tee?

    Nah, you can keep that.