June Haynes

Senior Vice President of Retail & Brand Ambassador at Valentino, the luxury fashion house founded by master couturier Valentino Gravani, June Haynes oversees the operations for Valentino stores across the world.

She is known as much for her business acumen and her accomplishments as for her sense of style. June’s integrity, commitment and creative energy are the traits that make her so in demand as a personal adviser, mentor and leader. A great look for an inspiring woman.

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  • Chacha1

    Also, at first glance, I thought that was Holly Robinson Peete. I need glasses (yes, for real).

  • omfg

    at times, this is why i don’t know what to think of the absence of black women on the runways. valentino rarely uses black models – for read to wear or couture shows – yet we have this lady.

    personally, i’d rather have a black woman as a sr vp at valentino than have four black women on the runway. not saying it should be an either or, but….i’m just saying.

    i’d rather talk about the black people who are behind the brand/company. i often wonder how many other black executives there are at these fashion houses. i think there are others. i think it would be nice, and productive, to highlight black executives in fashion. too often the focus is on the models/image. not enough is on the people with the actual substance.

    • Anonin

      I wonder what it took for her to get that position, as a black woman it couldn’t have been easy.

    • adiatc

      Well said!!

  • L

    Love that red coat and I love seeing black women in power positions. and i love seeing her natural hair self in that power position as well. *snap* *snap* for Ms. June

  • vonmiwi

    And that’s why I’ve featured June and several other black executives on my blogs because you don’t hardly ever read about them.

  • talaktochoba

    red is nice, power is better…