Miguel may have more to worry about than the backlash from an ill-fated comment about black people being judgmental. The “Adorn” singer could be hit with a lawsuit for kicking a fan in the face at the Billboard Awards.

The 27 year-old famously jumped over a pit of audience members and crash landed onto an unlucky concertgoer, Khyati Shah. Shah initially seemed unbothered by the accident, even conducting an interview alongside Miguel smiling ear-to-ear while holding an ice pack to her elbow. At the time, Miguel’s bigger concerns seemed to be criticism from viewers and a slew of memes and gifs created to mimick the incident.

Now, it seems Khyati Shah had a change of heart. Her attorney, Vip Bhola, told E! News:

“We will determine [whether to file a lawsuit] after we have feedback from medical providers,” Bhola told E! News, declining to give a timeline on when any civil action might be filed.

The attorney also added that he has not spoken to the performer’s legal representatives, but did leave open the possibility of a settlement.

If this seems out of left field given her demeanor during the interview, Bhola offers that his client was “[in] shock and star struck” at that time but her condition has worsened since. Miguel’s camp has yet to comment.


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  • Niki

    ….Well, its like this. What should have happened instead of her standing there afterwards with him as if everything was alright. She should have went to the hospital right away and complained right away. What people do not understand, is, a lot of people always want to sue for this and for that. The problem for her and the attorney is she waited too long. She will probably get medical paid for and be about it. For the simple fact; his attorney will argue she stood there seeming as if she was alright and joking about it. Instead of seeking medical support. Just yesterday, the first time in my life and I pray to never witness anything like it again. My children and I were coming from a pizza place and seen this woman on her bicycle crossing the street, be hit by a man driving his truck. Lord have mercy on his soul and I pray she is alright…..she immediately had some bystanders call for 911, fire fighters and the ambulance came right away. People constantly get hurt for numerous reasons but as old as this young lady was she should have known better especially being at a concert. If she got karate kicked and everything else she should have left the award show in an ambulance and everyday since the incident should have been receiving medical attention. MIGUEL WAS WRONG BUT SHE IS ALSO WRONG TOO. If I was a judge unless she can prove some serious medical damage from weeks after, I wouldn’t even waste my time. Hard lessons to be learned.

  • Pepper

    Who didn’t see this coming! Pouching on someone’s head at a concert = lawsuit

  • Pepper

    Meant “Pouncing” not pouching. At any rate concerts are insured (because they know any number of things could happen). However had the promoters known he was going to run, and split over a crowd of people they probably would have advised against it.

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