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The countdown clock to “Scandal’s” season finale is ticking. Gladiators are two episodes removed from the end and there are still loose ends in need of threading. Lead writer Shonda Rhimes is teasing the finale and the final episodes of season two in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter.

On Mellie Unveiling Fitz’ Affair: It’s a big game-changing thing that Mellie did. Everything has been under wraps and it’s all been very hush-hush until this moment. Fitz’s declaration also changed the fabric of the show as well. Everything is turned on its end at the end of Thursday’s episode. And next week, nothing is the same.

On the Mole: When we revealed who the mole was to the cast, cast members literally got up from the table and ran around the table screaming, which was hilarious. Then when we revealed the twist on the twist of who the mole was, I thought I’d have to sedate cast members because people were freaking out, which was awesome. It’s not just who the mole is, it’s who the mole is working with and what’s going on there that’s even bigger than just who the mole is. We’re really proud of who the mole is, that’s a pretty surprising twist but it’s even bigger than that.

On Huck’s Wife: We loved her and I’m a huge fan of hers from “Fringe.” She was wonderful and she and Guillermo [Diaz] were so wonderful together, they have a lovely energy together. Possibly. It would be nice because that was a story that the minute I saw that start to play out, I wanted to see what happened next and down the road. So possibly.

On the Season Two Finale: We’re going to leave everybody over the summer, I hope, with their mouths hanging open a little bit asking how the hell they’re going to get out of this, which is our goal. We know how we’re ending the season and now we’re trying to figure out how we’re getting out of it (laughs). We end the season in a way that explodes the premise of the show in a way that’s good and strong and hopefully sticks with bold story telling.

There’s going to be several questions people are going to be asking in the off-season this year; there’s going to be a few. It’s definitely a big cliffhanger, yes, you’re going to be left going, “Oh my God, why is it over now, it doesn’t make any sense, I need to know what’s going to happen next.” And yes, there will be several big surprises that happen that will leave you very surprised.

Gladiators prepare for the ride. The next two episodes of “Scandal” will be nail-biting.

Read the rest of Shonda Rhimes’ interview on The Hollywood Reporter.

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