Dozens of San Diego area high school students have been suspended and banned from prom or commencement because of a twerking video that was filmed on school property and posted on YouTube. The video was created by students in a media class at Scripps Ranch High School and shows teenaged girls twerking while doing handstands. In total, thirty students danced and one student used the school’s video equipment to tape the group.

As a result, all 33 students were suspended from for a week.

Seventeen-year-old Lyston McNear says he was suspended for coming up with the original idea for the video. He says it took months to create and nobody seemed offended.

According to reports, the Scripps Ranch HS student handbook specifically outlines its sexual harassment policy prohibiting “verbal, visual, or physical conduct of a sexual nature made by someone from or in the educational setting.” Students must sign a page in the handbook that states: “At Scripps Ranch High school there is zero tolerance for students who cause major disruptions at school or school activities. Any student who causes a major disruption will receive a five (5) day suspension, a possible new school placement and may be arrested.”

Seniors may be denied attendance at prom or walking at graduation if they have committed a “zero tolerance infraction” the guide states.

In the words of my grandmother, “that’ll teach them”.

But does the punishment fit?

A few parents actually felt that it was a bit severe.

One parent who spoke with NBC 7 San Diego felt the school was not uniform in handing out punishment.

The mother said the school should have used this as a teaching moment to remind students that when a person is videotaped, he/she never knows where it’s going to go.

Another parent, Mark Silverman, said there was a need for more tolerance.

“I just think it’s not that big of a deal. It was just expression, maybe overly expressive I guess,” Silverman said.

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  • I thank God I don’t have children! If I caught my daughter twerking, I’d twerk all over her behind!

  • Simone L

    I don’t think they should have been suspended. The punishment of this going all over the internet is punishment enough.

  • Treece

    That’s right, suspend their little twerking behinds!

    “The mother said the school should have used this as a teaching moment to remind students that when a person is videotaped, he/she never knows where it’s going to go.”

    Yes, the school can still use this as a teaching moment. But they can also use this as a moment to show that being lewd and participating in conduct of a sexual nature on school grounds won’t be tolerated. In plain, blunt English: parents of teens nowadays are some punks! A lot of them believe thier lying and coniving teenaged kids (and you know full well when your kid is a liar) before they believe a teacher or a school administrator about thier child’s behavior. A lot of them are too busy trying to be thier kids’ buddies and friends instead of mother/father. Some defend disrespectful, sexually inappropriate, and criminal behavior of thier teens. Some have no interest whatsoever in any academic pursuits or responsibilities that thier kids have, yet will get excited and involved in any social events the kid is involved in (team spoorts, dances, etc.). Some just don’t give a f*ck either way. You add all of these “some parents” up and you have a whole lot of parents of teenagers that frankly, suck at being a parent. If this was me in high school and I got caught doing this, my parents would definitely be in line with whatever punishment the school saw fit to deliver. it’s in the code of conduct. “You should’ve known better” is probably what my parents would have said. And it’s true, they should’ve known better and now there consequences.

    Kids raised without consequences to thier actions/misbehavior grow up to be monsters. Not just criminals in some cases, but just straight-up entitled, self-absorbed, asshole, jerk-off, monsters. And that is what we have on our hands people. Excuse me for ranting about this….. I’m just really tired of hearing parents defending thier kids and trying to keep them from being consequenced for inappropriate behavior. It’s beyond ridiculous….

  • BeanBean

    White kids twerking……here we go again. Never let anyone videotape you dancing, kissing, screwing, or anything else that you would be too embarrassed to let your Preacher and Grandmother see.

  • jcross

    Oh, those innocent, unsuspecting dancers, they had no idea that the video would show up online. They thought he was taping it so that he could bury it in a time capsule under his house…