Filmmaker and actor Tyler Perry has surprised middle school students in Ohio by showing up at a musical concert and donating $100,000 to help student athletes in the city’s South-Western schools.

The Columbus Dispatch reports that Perry was drawn to Finland Middle School on Friday after seeing a TV report about teacher Mary Mulvany starting a foundation to raise scholarship money to cover fees.

South-Western schools earned national attention when athletics and extra-curricular activities were eliminated after a failed levy in 2009. The ballot request was later approved by voters, and sports, clubs and other activities were resurrected for a fee.

Perry says he wants to sponsor as many children as possible and wants part of the money to go toward Finland and some to the foundation.

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  • Joan

    Tyler Perry is a good dude. He actually does what many people say they would do if they were rich.

    • I got sense!

      And yet all they have to say about him is something negative.

    • Joan

      Well, I admit – I have said things about his movies. Still, I’m not a fan of Spike Lee’s films, either (and I was supporting him going back to the She’s Gotta Have It days…yes, I’m old), but I admire him. However, the fact that Tyler Perry has done such meaningful things for people says a lot about him. He just seems like a nice person. When he sees some way to help, he does it. He doesn’t sit back and say, that’s a damn shame…somebody needs to do something about that, he actually DOES something about that. That sort of thing makes me want to see him succeed. I

  • Gina Wild

    Bravo Tyler Perry!!! He walks the walk while them other fools talk the talk.

    Oh, I wanna know how much Web activist Eva Vega and ’em have donated to the needy.

  • He’s such a goodhearted person! He always gives back!