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  • Mademoiselle

    I have to say, Janelle is one artist that makes me want to be real life friends with her — she has great energy. Not only that, but her songs just about always make me want to play it back and listen to the words again. I feel like every time I listen, I hear something new, and I love that about her talent. I was waiting for her and Ms. Badu to collaborate, too. Erykah’s been calling Janelle her sister for quite a while (even before they met), which was a very high compliment. So I’m glad they got together. Their voices go very well together.

  • Renee

    It’s funny because I think so many women might not get the message… The whole notion of what a queen is, she’s challenging it. There are too many of us whom are divisive and say someone isn’t a queen because they twerk or dress a certain type of way. Janelle and e.badu are saying you are queens for the simple fact, you exist.

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  • RenJennM

    Love it. Love her. Love Erykah. I love it all!!!!!