Many women of color are suffering from “Scandal” withdrawals. The season two finale was explosive, delicious and full of the D.C. drama we pile around our televisions for every Thursday.

The social media aspect of “Scandal” makes watching the program enjoyable. Live-tweeting about the Olivia Pope & Associates’ shenanigans enhances the experience.

In fact, Oprah Winfrey learned about “Scandal” through Twitter and then featured the drama on “Oprah’s Next Chapter.”

Producer and lead writer Shonda Rhimes credits a portion of “Scandal’s” success to the community engagement Twitter provides.

“Fans feel a certain ownership of the show,” Rhimes told Yahoo. “If you feel like you can get on Twitter and talk about it while it’s airing, it makes them feel like they’re a part of things. The more they feel they’re a part of things, the more invested they’re going to be in the show and that’s important.”

I almost fainted when Guillermo Diaz, better known as killer Huck, replied to my tweet, so Rhimes assertion is quite accurate.

“Scandal” is billed as Thursday night’s most tweeted show. It lived up to its reputation during the finale, garnering more than 500,000 tweets. The show delivered over 4.3 million tweets during the second season, using the hashtags #Scandal, #Gladiators and #AskScandal.

One thing I’ve noticed about devoted “Scandal” viewers is how much we think alike about the program. We’re all excited about Harrison’s monologues and love-to-hate Olivia Pope and Fitzgerald Grant’s torrid love affair. The dialogue used to discuss “Scandal” often intercedes in our lives as well. I know I’m not the only one who’s said “I’m a gladiator” during a workout.

YouTuber Miss Roses and Roses is a “Scandal” lover and she has compiled the lingo into a hilarious 4-minute video.

Enjoy this Wednesday funny.

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