Ambition is a very commendable trait, but can often come as a double-edged sword for those who posses it. On the one hand, individuals who are motivated live a life that is very much goal-oriented, and are, in theory, able to enjoy the fruits of their hard labor. But not for long, you see. Those who are extremely driven are often so busy focusing on what needs to be accomplished next, that they forget to stop and appreciate all that has been accomplished thus far. In doing so, said individuals can lead themselves to feel inadequate in their work, as if no one achievement is good enough. “What else? What more? What’s next?”

While it’s true that we should never become complacent in our journey to success, we must also remind ourselves to value the milestones and not-so-small victories along the way. It’s not fair to the universe or to those who love and support us to negate all that we have made it through thus far. Nor is it healthy to put unrealistic pressure on one’s self to create an encore, when there is still time left to bask in the first standing ovation. We must make a more resolute effort to express gratitude towards our progress, even when it feels like it’s occurring at a less than favorable pace. Remind yourself: You may not be in that Bentley coupe yet, but there was once a time when you were riding on the bus, or in Momma’s backseat. All good things in due time… Pace yourself.

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