Opinions were divided about whether the Dolce & Gabbana Blackamoor-inspired earrings were racist. The earrings were essentially a headless female figurine wearing a scarf and heavy gold jewelry, and many linked the image with offensive stereotypes of black womanhood.

As controversial as the runway jewelry was, the concept has trickled down to mass retailers. Zara is now selling a necklace composed of dark-skinned faces and bright red lips flanked by gold faces. The bauble mimics minstrel caricatures and stereotypical images meant to lampoon slaves.

It was brought to national attention when Amanda Seales (formerly Amanda Diva) posted it on her social media accounts after spotting the necklace at the Zara store in Times Square. It was then reported by Huffington Post. Seales’ initial post drew outrage among commenters, who called it “shameful” and linked it to “Sambo and blackface,” while others failed to see the racial significance.

Do you find the jewelry offensive? How would you react if you saw someone wearing it? Share your thoughts in the comments, Clutchettes.


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  • JS

    They remind me more of masks than minstrel. It’s nothing I would ever wear, although I do see the similarities. However I don’t see this anywhere as bad as D&G

  • Pseudonym


    • Marie

      Should you be here? I’ve read previous post by you and your euro-ness shine through brightly . Although I would indeed say not everything is meant to be racism, clearly if you were a black person you would know what “blackface” and “samba” meant and therefore would not lead with this response. Don’t you feel awkward responding to things you know nothing about? Why are you so angry?

    • Pseudonym

      You can’t have possible read a previous post by me and my “euro-ness” b/c I’m a black-American/Caribbean woman. If this is so much “black face,” can you explain the silver masks? Is there a “silver face” movement that I don’t know about? I’m not angry, I’m annoyed that the black women on this site are so neurotic and have such low self-esteem that they have to turn everything into an attack on black women. Not to mention, this is supposed to be a site dedicated to celebrating and uplifting black women. I really don’t come onto this site for the purpose of being inundated with all these negative articles about what negative things white people might think about my black @$$.

      Replicas of African masks should not be twisted into some racist attack on black people. You can find necklaces just like this in African American “Afrocentric” shops. It’s really not racist. As another said, if you want to argue cultural appropriation, I guess you can (but it is really worth it). In terms of responding to things thing one knows nothing about, you must have never seen an African mask before to not understand the reference. So, go Wiki that.

    • JS

      While I don’t think its racist either, it does have close enough similarities to cause a bit of pause so I don’t think the article is out of line for at least bringing it up. The article simply asks if we find it offensive not that it IS offensive.

    • Lynne

      Pseudonym, this is actually a response to your post down below, but I put it way up here just to be sure you saw it.

      First of all, I find myself wondering why people go berserk when a blog fails to provide them with the info they feel they should be reading. It’s weird. How is a blog supposed to cater to what’s in your head?

      Clutch has lots of good stuff. Lifestyle, health, spirituality. I agree with you: not everything is about racism. If reading about race-related matters isn’t your thing, why not read the more inspirational posts on this blog? It seems Clutch’s more news-oriented posts get top-billing, which is why Clutch may seem so negative to you.

      Just saying. Don’t go to a pizza joint and get upset if the desserts aren’t the first thing on the menu.

  • No_chaser

    I see mini-masks, not a caricature of a Black face. The D&G mess was on another level.
    Now, off to real pressing Black issues–how about that shooting in New Orleans? Where’s the community outrage???

  • Wow

    I have these mask on my wall. And already have them as a necklace and earrings.

  • OMG… STOP. I saw this necklace in person yesterday and it is NOT racist. every head on the necklace is not a black head and the ones that are, are not done in blackface. They are similar to many African masks that many (including myself) own. The other faces on the necklace look like masks commonly found in Mexico, why is no one complaining about those? Not to mention, there is another necklace they have with the likeness of an ancient Mexican… why don’t we see Mexicans all up in arms about that? things? Why do we ALWAYS get up in arms about the wrong shit? SMDH.