White feminists are an interesting bunch.  Actually, I think most people who label themselves “feminists” are, but that’s a different post for a different day.   The problem most women of color have with white feminists is the lack of intersectionality.  Sure, you can burn bras with your white feminist counterparts, but there’s always going to be an underlying issue.

White feminist still benefit from white privilege.

Black feminists? Privilege? What’s that?

Apparently there’s someone out there who understands these differences, but knows how to poke fun at them as well.   The person(s) behind the @WhiteFeminist Twitter account, is doing a great job at satire and realness, when it comes to white privilege and feminism.

Take a look at a few of most recent tweets:





I can’t say that I know too many white women who label themselves as a feminist, but these are pretty damn funny especially after reading about the issues women of color have with their white “sisters”.   I’m just going to wait for someone to create a male feminist parody account, another label  I find interesting.


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