Aquilla Flood Murder: Ex-boyfriend Charged In Slaying Of 17-year-old N.J. Prom Queen

Two weeks ago, Nicole Flood found her daughter, Aquilla Flood shot dead in her East Orange, NJ bedroom. Her uncle said he looked in  on her around 3 a.m and  she was found dead around 7:30 a.m. Aquilla’s classmates described her as stylish and friendly and was preparing to attend her prom.

Aquilla’s ex boyfriend has been arrested and faces murder charges related to her death. Her 18-year-old ex, Al Muqqadin Means, is suspected of killing Aquilla because of her refusal to attend the prom with him. It is also worth noting that Aquilla was the repeated recipient of threats from Means.


Nicole Flood has said Means climbed a fire escape to gain access to the family’s third story apartment and shot Aquilla while she slept. Police have not confirmed that account.

Aquilla Flood broke up with Means several months ago, her mother said, after the suspect’s sister warned the girl that the 18-year-old was a violent man. The threats started a few weeks later.

She was so scared that she begged her mother to move to a new apartment, but Nicole Flood said she didn’t know the extent of the threat posed by Means until after she found her daughter lying in a pool of blood in her bedroom. Aquilla apparently told her uncle about the threats, but not her mother.

Flood’s aunt told “We are extremely excited and happy for that (his arrest), but it sill doesn’t bring out beloved niece and daughter back.”


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  • Cocochanel

    I’m confused
    First the article said she begged her mom to move
    Then it said she told her uncle she was scared but not her mom
    Something is not adding up.

    Either way RIP to this young lady. definetly a senseless murder.

    My question is – did her parents nothear the gunshot at 7:30AM? Were not home?

    And parents be a livewire to your children, these teenage relationships are not healthy and best belive if my child says some boy is harassing her I will be making a house call to put my foot up someone’s behind and end the foolishness.

    RIP Aquilla.

    • Anthony

      The article did not say she was shot. It just said she was found in a pool of blood.

    • devo

      @ Anthony – you idiot

      “Two weeks ago, Nicole Flood found her daughter, Aquilla Flood SHOT DEAD in her East Orange, NJ bedroom.”

      Reading is fundamental

    • sheeda1222

      Exactly and that’s why I say that the total history is so important .. because there r a lot of bits and pieces missing

    • Rochelle

      The girl was shot…in the head. Not at 7 am, but sometime in the middle of the night. The boy may of had a silencer (speculating).

  • Butterfly

    This is a sad story…I was at the wake..sooo many people.she was truly loved and this thug had to go and shoot her because he had nothing going for his life..move on ,you are young..senseless, She is now resting in peace.