A Brooklyn eighth-grade girl was hospitalized with burns after a boy set her hair extensions on fire in a schoolyard Tuesday, authorities said.

The Department of Education said the boy and girl were outside I.S. 68 in Canarsie when the boy, a sixth-grader, took a lighter from his pocket and lit the girl’s extensions. A student who witnessed the attack said it appeared the two were horsing around when the girl’s hair was set ablaze.

“He wrapped his arms around her and opened the fire and her hair just — it was just on fire. It was big, it was crazy,” said 13-year-old Malcolm Joseph, an eighth-grader at the school.

Joseph said the boy began hitting the girl over the head with his bookbag in an attempt to put out the flames but it appeared to make it worse.

“It was like flames, like real flames,” said Joseph. “Her hair was just decreasing.”

A park worker rushed over and threw a bucket over the girl’s head, Joseph said. The girl’s scalp appeared to be burned, and she was crying as ambulance and emergency responders arrived.

The girl was taken to Staten Island University Hospital’s burn unit and is in serious but stable condition.



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  • apple

    between setting hair on fire, filming a gang rape and posting it on facebook , and killing your best friend because you don’t want to be friends with her (that really happened)..this is why i’m reconsidering procreation

    • Leo the Yardie Chick

      I swear, these stories are some of the best forms of birth control available.

  • I dont think this boy meant to set her on fire. He probably thought her extentions would melt a bit. The commenters here are so funny! When was the last time any of you were actually around kids this age. Boys like to do stuff. Mostly stuff that adults would frown upon. I can remember my brother putting silverware in the microwave just to see what would happen. Smh! lol!

    • NOitAll

      Children are supposed to be taught NOT to play with fire. That’s not mischief, he could have killed her.

    • Miakoda

      “Boys like to do stuff.”

      Girls like to do ‘stuff’ too, so what is your point?

  • I know girls like to do stuff. Boys just seem to like to do play around in a different manner.

  • JS

    Not that I condone the actions of the kid but I just gotta know… what kind of janky extensions did this little girl have on her head? Back in the day my grandmother used to braid my hair with synthetic hair extensions and light the ends which would melt and hold the braid together. It would have never caught fire like that, if anything it would have melted all together slowly but not just from a signal lighter either though. Although maybe it was hairspray or another chemical on her hair causing the reaction. Confused.

    • hair is flammable PERIOD. real,synthetic, or human hair extensions

    • JS

      Maybe the chemicals you put into your hair, spray, grease, etc. make it extra flammable. However hair or synthetic hair alone isn’t enough to make your hair “ablaze” with fire (especially with a reg lighter) to the point of serious injury like this poor girl suffered. I’m not blaming her for getting hurt but I’m only curious as to why it caught fire so fast. I have friends with long hair and they have had the tips singed from candles but never ablaze like the girl in this story. Just like if you flat iron your hair and the heat is too high it burns the hair, fire to hair without an agent to spread the flame would work the same way, it would die out easily.

    • Deborah Gaillard

      Let me set the record straight to all the dumb comments this was not extensions it was her real hair I am her great Aunt

  • Deborah Gaillard

    I would like to get a hold of Malcom Joseph he needs to be put away his parents are just as ignorant they did not reach out to my niece