Ciara Got Served

It wasn’t all “My Goodies” when Ciara performed this weekend at LA Pride. On the heels of canceling an appearance at a gay bar in LA and threats of a possible lawsuit, the R&B singer was served papers during her performance.

According to TMZ:

Ciara signed a $10,000 deal to appear at The Factory on June 7 (tonight) … one day before she’s supposed to perform on the main stage at the 2013 L.A. Pride parade.

Factory says Ciara had mentioned that she couldn’t “perform” at Factory due to restrictions in her contract with the L.A. Pride event … but made it seem like making an “appearance” would be totally kosher.

But Factory says … Ciara unexpectedly pulled the plug on the whole thing on June 3, leaving the nightclub without a star for its big Friday night pre-gay parade bash.

Now, Factory is suing Ciara for breach of contract — and want her to pay for all the money the club spent to promote her appearance PLUS the cash they’re losing out on thanks to Ciara’s last-minute bail.

Process servers don’t play.  They obviously knew where the singer would be, so why not show up and get a front row spot to serve her?

It definitely gives new meaning to “you got served”.

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