Did The NY Daily News Go Too Far By Publishing "Short-shorts" Photo Of Sasha Obama?

This is not the photo in question, but another shot from the same day, could be deemed inappropriate.

The NY Daily News isn’t exactly a national media outlet known for its integrity and its comment section is pretty much a cesspool of racism and sexism.  So it doesn’t shock me that they published a photo of Sasha Obama that could be considered a bit risque and inappropriate.  The photo in question was taken while Sasha Obama, 12, was visiting the New York City neighborhood of Soho, with friends and a security detail.   The photo is pretty much a “back-shot” of the photo posted above. 

Needless to say, the comments following the article ranged from pure outrage to suggesting the Obamas should do better when it comes to policing their child’s attire.

For example:



Those two comments were just the tip of the iceberg and the most “sane”.

The President and First Lady don’t have an easy job when it comes to shielding their daughters from the scrutiny of the media and paparazzi that’s known to follow them around on their public outings. The Obama daughters aren’t any different from your average teens and pre-teens when it comes to their fashion, but objectifying teens of any age, no matter who their parents are, should be something media outlets are cognizant of.

What do you think, Clutchettes,  should there be discretion when it comes to media outlets publishing photos of Sasha & Malia Obama that could be deemed inappropriate?

 Update: As of 10 a.m the photo in question was deleted.

 Update: As of 10:30, the entire article was removed from NY Daily News’ site. 

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  • UgoBabeeeee

    Oh you people are full of crap….this outfit is absolutely inappropriate for a 12 year old- who gives a damn that others are wearing the same- that does ot make it right!!!! Really you want to hang your hat on herd mentatility reasoning???!!! OMG am amazed at the decaying of morals amongst our (black) people….Not appropriate for a typical 12 yr old and definitley unaacceptable for a sitting presidents daughter- sorry if you want to bury your head in the sand- continue to do so but she is a president’s daughter whether she wants to accept it or not and has to purport herself accordingly…if not she should stay in the house…she is held to a higher standard- thats just the way it is….i didnt see the picture in question but i saw a back view of the picture and you can almost see her buns….come on already!!! people using the argument that it is hot blah blah blah- go and naked yourselves in the process!!! my goodness- and really some harping about policing a woman’s body- a black woman’s at that?? y’all need to sit down….you people are just ridicoulous….This is appropriate to some of you because this nation glorifies over-sexualziation…..

    yes there are typos……

    • LaShic Mondrell

      Once again, it is up to little girls and adult women to police their attire as not to attract the wrong attention to their bodies because people don’t know how to conduct themselves in the presence of the female form. This is similar to rapists blaming their inhumane actions on their victims because of her clothes; in fact, this is why this thinking is even upheld because of people like you. I hope you’re proud of your life.

      In order to be respected and not get the wrong attention, women must wear turtlenecks and over the knee skirts or wide leg pants while men get to run around without their shirts on. The hypocrisy of it all.

      The real question shouldn’t be why little girls wear shorts President’s daughter or not but should be why are grown people sexualizing little girls?

      P.S. The time it took you to type the sentence about your typos could’ve been spent correcting them. Just a thought. (Smiles =)

  • bob

    The photographer is sick. These shorts are inappropriate for any 12 year old to be wearing. I seen some beautiful women in my neighborhood last night wearing jean short shorts and had dudes across the street hollering obscene things in a jamacian accent. I am confilicted on these things because their is a part of me that loves women in jean short shorts, honestly one of my favorite things to see women wear in the summer time, but as a big brother I would hate to see my little sister wear something like that and get attention from men like that. This is the type of attention a womans body draws, this is why I say it is inappropriate for girls to dress like this.

  • DC

    Ultimately, when you leave your house, you could get photographed… even if only in the background of another photo. I’m sure that many publications have published photos of her in other attire given her place in American society. If she or her parents didn’t want her to be seen in this outfit, she shouldn’t have left the house in it. Unfortunately, she has many more years of being followed by people who want to earn a high figure for her worst picture so she has to be very, very careful.