summerWhile we wait year-long for summer, lounging on the beach and wearing less, the summer doesn’t always translate to less is more. Especially if you work in an office or professional setting. While you can wear your short shorts and tank tops on the weekends, Monday through Friday it’s business as usual.

Here at Coco & Creme/Clutch we’ve discussed dressing for summer so that you can look sharp while staying cool. Here are a few do’s and don’t for putting your best style foot forward inside the office.

DO Wear Linen Pencil Skirts

Pencil skirts are great for work and getting them in breathable light fabrics like linen and cotton make them perfect for summer. Pair with ballet flats, sandals or heels for a polished look that’s still cool.

DO Rock a Light Cardigan Indoors

Depending on your office’s policy, sleeveless or tanks may not be appropriate. Carry a light cardigan to wear indoors to avoid overexposure and shield from air conditioning.

DO Check Your Skirt/Dress Length

There’s nothing worse than constantly pulling down your dress because it’s embarrassingly too short. Save the pull and tug and do the old arm length check. Put your arm down by your side. If your dress is above your fingertips than it’s too short.

DON’T Do Sheer

Sometimes what looks opaque indoors can be sheer or see-through in the sun. Double-check your outfit to make sure there’s no peek-a-boo in the summer sun.

DON’T Wear Denim Shorts

Leave the cutoffs at home and opt for a dressier pair of shorts. Try a pair in a darker hue or a fun print with a lightweight blazer for a fresh and professional summer look.

What are your do’s and don’ts for summer dressing?

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  • L

    I agree with all of these except for the shorts. I work in a very casual environment and i still wouldn’t wear the dressiest of shorts in here. I just think shorts are weekend attire.

  • MimiLuvs

    On the day that I was hired for my job, my soon-to-be senior assistant director (the interviewer and my boss) gave me a memo in which it stated the dress code. He told me to read that list before I signed my ‘John Hancock’ on any job-related document. He informed me that this dress code was to be implemented on each day that I worked. He also told me that if I didn’t approve of the dress code, I could turn down the job offer.
    I thought that he was crazy. Plus, I thought ‘What fool would turn down a job because they didn’t approve of the dress code, especially if they have been unemployed for x-amount of years?’
    Three years later… Now, I understand why my boss wanted me to read the dress code list before I signed anything.
    Some of my co-workers behave like toddlers that are having temper tantrums, when it comes to the dang-on dress code, especially the women.
    Especially the women who wants to show up to work wearing their best club apparel as if that is appropriate work attire.
    Apparently, for a lot of women, upper thigh-length, bandage dresses are work-appropriated. Or, leggings and skinny jeans.
    With the men that work here, the ones that are sent home are the ones who allow their khakis and trousers to sag as if they were wearing a pair of jeans.
    Of course, there is the ‘What we wear to work doesn’t mean that it will affect our work production!’ people. Majority of them are the ‘fresh out of school-age in the late teens and early twenties’ types.
    We have a running gag at my job that goes something like ‘As long as you can throw a blazer/cardigan over it, they think it is appropriate.’