Every week there seems to be some Twitter beef going on between a celebrity and one of their ‘followers’. Over the weekend a follower of Erykah Badu decided to warn someone about Badu’s lateness and “phoniness.”  And then it blew up from there, check it out below. (use the pause icon to view each slide at your own pace):

One could say that Badu really didn’t have to respond to the tweet about her lateness, but she did anyways. One could also say the name calling was unnecessary as well. But in the world of social media, anything goes nowadays and nothing is sacred.

If a person gives an opinion about a performance, does it warrant a response from the artist? It seems that a lot of celebrities get riled up too easily over things and feel the need to get on the defensive. But I will say, rarely do I see anyone “coming for” Badu on Twitter and typically she’s pretty cordial to her fans, so maybe she was just in a playful mood?

In any event, celebrity and “fan” Twitter arguments will never get old. And until these artists get their Twitter accounts handled by their PR people, they’ll never end.  I actually think @HoldenSaysWha has beautiful features.

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