Rapper Ludacris’ girlfriend, Eudoxie, published a controversial picture on Instagram of a charitable act: gifting dolls to children in need. The problem? The children are African and the dolls are all white.

With all the articles, books and studies about how children are affected by dolls that don’t reflect their appearance, many feel Eudoxie should’ve known better than to give white dolls to children in Gabon. Commenters said as much on her Instagram page, and Eudoxie did not mince her words in her response to them:


Well, then!

Does she have a point? Is it valid to criticize the race of the dolls she gifts to African children?


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  • this stupid chick as missed the entire point…and this is the chick that wassss going to medical school… one is criticizing what you are doing but we are thinking about how it affects the psyche of little black girls whose features are under attack all day every day.