Typically an employer pays an employee a salary. Well, when you’re Beyonce, you can actually charge people to work for you.

Beyonce and her mother, Tina Knowles, have an auction going on over at Charitybuzz. The auction is valued at $25,000, and currently the bids are at about $11,500. The proceeds will go to the Knowles’ Miss a Meal hunger campaign . For $25,000, you will have the opportunity to spend the day with Tina in wardrobe, two VIP tickets to the show, and a Mrs. Carter Show World Tour gift bag.

A gift bag.

Does that gift bag include $24,500?

Well, whatever floats your boat — the bidding ends on June 11.

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  • Just saying

    Where is the working aspect of this?

  • Missi

    I don’t think I would pay 25K…she gets on my nerves for free..

  • LemonNLime

    HA! I just noticed the tag “I’ll pass”! Can we have more articles with that one?

  • I’m sure that Beyonce’s stans will be jumping at this ‘opportunity’ to be working for the Knowles family. And it’s great that the money is going to charity.
    But, to be honest, i’m not too sure that this counts as ‘working for beyonce’. 25k is a lot of money, and the winner will be working with Tina, not Beyonce.
    Fair play to whoever wins, but in my opinion, a fool is easily parted with their money !!!

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