As part of a smear campaign against Trayvon Martin, the unarmed 17 year-old shot dead by a neighborhood watch volunteer, George Zimmerman’s defense attorneys said they were in possession of video from Martin’s phone, which they claim the slain teen recorded showing “two buddies of his beating up a homeless guy.”

However, on Sunday, defense lawyer Mark O’Mara apologized for “unintentionally” mischaracterizing the video, saying in a statement:

“During the Tuesday, May 28th hearing, Mr. O’Mara misstated the nature of video from Trayvon Martin’s cell phone which was included in the Defendant’s 3rd Supplemental Discovery. He stated that the video showed “two buddies of his beating up a homeless guy,” when what happened was Trayvon Martin, along with a buddy, was videotaping two homeless guys fighting each other over a bike. Though it was unintentional, it is a particular concern to us because we are and have been committed to disputing misinformation in every aspect of this case, not causing it. For that, Mr. O’Mara apologizes.”

The false claim O’Mara made about Trayvon was posted on The Orlando Sentinel‘s website and subsequently taken down when a reporter for the paper said the web producer published the story in error.

Skeptics believe the mischaracterization of the video a malicious attempt on the part of Zimmerman’s defense team to vilify the late teenager.

The attorney for Trayvon Martin’s parents, Ben Crump, agrees, saying:

“George Zimmerman’s defense team’s so called apology yesterday for manipulating and mis-characterizing information about Trayvon Martin would be laughable in any other context, if this case wasn’t about the murder of an unarmed teenager. Let’s not forget the defense team has spent weeks now engaged in a despicable campaign to assassinate the character of a dead teenager in an attempt to influence a potential jury pool. Thankfully, the judge in this case has sided with the laws of evidence in saying that such information is irrelevant to the case, reminding us all that Trayvon is not on trial, but George Zimmerman is for 2nd degree murder.”

What do you think about Zimmerman’s lawyers “unintentional” false claims against Trayvon, Clutchettes?

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  • Every time I read about this case I cannot help thinking how different things would have been if the situation was reverse – a man of colour shooting a white teenager. Folks would be baying for blood; the media would have painted the slain teen as an example to his community – maybe just shy of altar boy, chalking up his misdemeanors to childhood shenanigans; the shooter would have had a speedy trial, found guilty, and convicted.

    But that is not the case. Another youth of colour gunned down in an unprovoked attack so it must be his fault for getting himself killed while he was minding his own business. Nothing like ‘blame the victim’ to justify the glacial speed of getting this perpetuator to trial.

  • Starla

    How low can lawyers go? This has to be the lowest of the low for someone who is trained to respect the law. They can’t plant physical evidence, so they have to resort to planting seeds in people’s brains now. Now we see why the Blakccmale incarceration rate is so high. If they have the video with all the details and they can still make up a lie, imagine what they do when there is nothing available to refute their stories..Lord, help us!