Gold in Africa in a lucrative business. Ghana is Africa’s biggest gold producer after South Africa, producing more than 1.6 million ounces in the first half of 2012. With this abundant natural resource comes the issue of illegal mining.  This week,  Ghanaian police have arrested 161 Chinese citizens because of illegal mining. And they plan on deporting them back to China.

Isaac Kojo Abraham, Senior Public Relations Officer at the Ghana Minerals Commission, said on Thursday that “all such people doing illegal mining in Ghana without the requisite documentation will be flushed out”.

This year, President John Dramani Mahama started a task force to shut down illegal miners. Illegal mining in Ghana, also knowns as galamsey, has caused land conflicts, polluting of water supplies and a number of injuries.

Below is a video from an undercover Al Jazeera investigation done in 2011:



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  • Mademoiselle

    I’m very glad to see a black nation protecting its resources. We’ve been robbed enough. My only hope is that there is a strong system in place to prevent them from coming back into the country, including preventing their re-entry by traveling to another nation and coming in by land. Immigration reform – Ghana-style.

  • truth

    Now if only the rest of Africa did the same.

  • isa

    Yep,While am glad that Ghana is taking this measure, God knows that this step should have been a long time ago. But Whenever you get stories like this come out of the continent about, chinese workers and Africans clashing you always get stories with a “self satisfied” “Told you so ” tone within the western media. When all the west has been offering the continent is lethal Aid. Yes While China and the Chinese may have their problems but at least they are investing. Most of the economies on the continent only started growing when China started showing an interest. Europe and even America tend to treat the continent like its their property.

    • Mademoiselle

      I really wonder why it is that whenever an article points out one issue, we have a tendency to say “well so & so is no better” and try to divvy up the blame amongst people who have nothing to do with the topic at hand. Your comment makes it seem like you side with the illegal miners on account of what Europe and America have done. Is it ok to pilfer African resources as long as other unrelated investments are made? Wrong is wrong, regardless of who the subject is. Westerners had nothing to do with this story. It’s just a news report.

    • Right from the beginning of my comment I said that I am glad that Ghana is taking measure’s, and I’m glad they are, I hope other African countries do the same. You may have misinterprented my comment to think I was biased towards the Chinese miners, Let me make it clear, I’M NOT.

      The story has Everything to do with the West, and the point is, its another news story… Of Chinese and Africans clashing .
      Africa’s trade was mainly with the west before China’s boom, but now china has supassed Europe and America. My problem is Whenever issues like this come out you always get the tone I mentioned in my previous comment warning the continent about colonization etc (like we’re stupid or something).
      I mean Hilary clinton went on a tour of the continent, when she was secratary of state to warn, African people about the Chinese, When all they keep offering is Aid and little of trade. No one has worked out how much the continent has lost since it started to receive “aid” due to tax loopholes and mining deals with Western multinationals.

      Yes it is just a news story, but in general the way these stories keep getting reported in the western media has un nerved me and I had to comment. its Hypocritical

  • Any attempt to stamp out illegal mining/ general exploitation of resources is great.
    I think that this issue will be more and more prominent, in the next few years with the increasing role of Chinese investment in Africa.