Gold in Africa in a lucrative business. Ghana is Africa’s biggest gold producer after South Africa, producing more than 1.6 million ounces in the first half of 2012. With this abundant natural resource comes the issue of illegal mining.  This week,  Ghanaian police have arrested 161 Chinese citizens because of illegal mining. And they plan on deporting them back to China.

Isaac Kojo Abraham, Senior Public Relations Officer at the Ghana Minerals Commission, said on Thursday that “all such people doing illegal mining in Ghana without the requisite documentation will be flushed out”.

This year, President John Dramani Mahama started a task force to shut down illegal miners. Illegal mining in Ghana, also knowns as galamsey, has caused land conflicts, polluting of water supplies and a number of injuries.

Below is a video from an undercover Al Jazeera investigation done in 2011:



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