Do you have an “inner black woman?” Well, if you’re a non-black person who is likely to say “Hell Nah!” exclaim “you don’t need no man” and embrace your sassy side given the right circumstances then an “inner black woman” is hiding beneath your composed, diplomatic exterior, according to a recent trend in internet memes.

The “inner black woman” memes call on and exploit almost every stereotype associated with black women from the belief that we all have an attitude to our alleged predisposition for eating poorly and excessively.

Here are a few social media posts BuzzFeed pulled from Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook about everyone’s “inner black woman”:

She is independent and doesn’t need (or have) a man:


She eats fast food and weights 500 pounds:


She is prone to physical violence:


The stereotypes are terribly ignorant and distasteful, and BuzzFeed‘s quiz cleverly puts internet users in their place with a simple question at the end of the post:

If you relate to any of the above scenarios, take this one-question quiz to find out whether you actually have an inner black woman!

  1. 1. Do you also have an outer black woman, i.e., are you actually a black woman?
    1. Yes
    2. No


Once you answer, you’ll see the genius results.

Clutchettes and Gents, have you encountered these posts?

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  • There was a post circulating on Tumblr a while back made by deliverysuspended. She said:
    “i have a sassy inner black woman!” said the white queer man, laughing with his friends. “snaps in a z formation, bitches!” he said, giggling harder. “y’all don’t know who i be, my niggers!”
    suddenly he winces with pain, and grabs at his chest.
    “what…what’s happening?!” he cries, looking down at himself, gasping for breath.
    suddenly his chest splits open, and i climb out, and dust myself off.
    “anyone else have an inner black woman they’d like to share?” i ask, kicking his lifeless corpse out of the chair, and sitting down.
    they shake their heads, and i nod, satisfied.

  • Akosua

    Actually it is a compliment. The white psyche refuses to compute that of which they covet so they try to use disparaging remarks and or scenarios to cope. What these shenanigans also attempt to do is make bw appear monolithic. We all are not Naynays and they know that. The baddest of bw that make things happen and who change the world while doing so are educated, fierce, sass, outspoken, compassionate, passionate, sensuous, spiritual. These are the women whose traits they wish to emulate. Whether I’m in the academy or in corporate, I am always having non-black female colleagues tell me they channel me to get results. I have had one to go on and on about how her gait is similar to my gait. It is like she was really happy. So trust sistas, you are truly the standard that other women are trying to emulate when they want to be a force.

    • The Other Jess

      Akosua, how did anyone give you a thumbs down for this comment??? GREAT comment!

    • Diane

      *stands up and applauds*

  • Apple

    The inner white women in me equates a blowjob with a goodnight kiss

    • Gina

      Can we seriously start an inner white woman meme?

    • The inner white woman in me will give a blowie to my best friend’s boyfriend and then say “I was drunk and a beej really isn’t cheating!”