Racist feminists are again critiquing Beyoncé Knowles-Carter. Their latest argument is the 31-year-old’s wardrobe choices were inappropriate for “Chime for Change,” a concert designed to raise funds to combat gender inequalities throughout the world.

Some of their misguided tweets included:

“Beyoncé is singing ‘At Last’ in leather knickers while quotes from Rosa Parks and Princess Diana blare on the screen behind her #empowerment.”

“Hello @Beyonce – Dressing provocatively does NOT ’empower’ women. It objectifies+teaches that physical appearance=self worth. So plz STOP!”

Meanwhile Madonna receives praise for her brazen attire and Lena Dunham’s white-washed Brooklyn is the epitome of feminism.

Jada Pinkett-Smith – who’s been on the receiving end of criticism for encouraging her daughter’s autonomy – is standing in solidarity with her “unfairly criticized” peer. The famed actress responded to critics in a Facebook missive.


Cultural critics have also retorted. Writers Tamara Winfrey-Harris and Andrea Plaid discuss the controversy in a roundtable discussion at Racialicious, citing the differences in scrutiny between Britney Spears’ and Knowles-Carter’s sexually-charged performances.

Winfrey-Harris writes:

I think the response to these performances is very much influenced by racial bias. Brown and black bodies are routinely sexualized. Latinas bear the weight of the “spicy” and “exotic” stereotypes. And those stereotypes have dogged Lopez throughout her career. The nickname “J. Ho”–a reference to the singer/actress’ alleged promiscuity and mercenary character–even has a spot in the Urban Dictionary. And I should point out, these accused character traits seem to be based on little but the skewed way this culture views Latinas.

Chime in Clutchettes. Do you agree with Pinkett-Smith?

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