Kanye West has built a career around controversial statements from his famous quip, “George Bush doesn’t care about black people,” to his recent Yeezus lyrics about God, “He’s the most high, but I’m a close high.”

The new father’s latest bout with verbal diarrhea comes by way of lyrics on his track “On Sight” from his new album, “Yeezus.” He raps: “A monster about to come alive again / Soon as I pull up and park the Benz / We get this b**ch shaking like Parkinson’s.”

The analogy has members of the American Parkinson Disease Association up-in-arms. “We find these lyrics distasteful and the product of obvious ignorance, ” APDA VP Kathryn Whitford said in a statement. Critics believe the lyrics make light of one of the debilitating offshoots of the neurodegenerative disease, which Muhammad Ali, one of Kanye West’s idols, suffers from.

Kanye West or his label has yet to respond.

Do you think his Parkinson’s disease reference is offensive?


Listen below:



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